Double Not Fake Arctic Blast 2014 Update

(Credit: Red dot over Wise County courtesy of the Liberally Lean Graphic Arts Department.)

Saturday Randomness


Above The Fold

Kate Upton Taking You Into The Super Bowl

I Boycott The Cookies, Too!


But not because of politics. It's because I hate all those cookies. Yep, I practice cookie discrimination.

Courtney Stodden Plays Some Football

I'm still mad at her for dumping her old man husband and going brunette.  She's giving the impression that she might not be stable!

Turkey vs. Window: Who Ya Got?

And you would have thought the narrator had just witnessed the Hindenburg exploding.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Another weird metroplex-mother-might-have-killed-her-child case -- this time out of Frisco. It sounds like the kid might have been dead for several days before the case came to light. 
  • I saw footage of the Frisco Chief of Police talking about the case last night on Fox 4. He said, "It's not normal behavior for Frisco . . . [insert awkward pause as he realizes that either sounded high tone or potentially racial] . . . or any suburban area." 
  • If a criminal defense lawyer ever refers to his client as "my client" in the courtroom or during an interview with the press, he has no idea what he is doing. 
  • George Zimmerman has agreed to be in a "celebrity" boxing match.  
  • An immediate Power Down Moment for me: Any time a sports media member says, "And my Super Bowl pick is . . . . " I don't care who you think is going to win. (This was only surpassed when Norm Hitzges, in the early 1990s, would dedicate a whole hour of his show to callers who phoned in their picks.) 
  • I only watched a portion of it, but CNN had a documentary last night on the musical "British Invasion" in the 1960s. If you were a young music fan back then, that had to be a fun time to be alive.
  • Some gal named Renee Fleming will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Weird: You can actually bet if she wears gloves and what color they will be. What's to prevent her, through an intermediary, from betting a fortune on wearing gloves that are black and then wearing gloves that are black?
  • There's just something weird about the case where Fort Worth police went to the wrong house during a burglary call and shot the 72 year old homeowner. This week the Tarrant County grand jury decided to not indict the officers "after hearing 25 hours of testimony". That fact alone tells you something is up. Grand juries hardly ever hear any testimony. They normally just listen to a brief "summary" of the case from an assistant DA -- a presentation that can last just a couple of minutes.  And the conclusion of the "medical examiner investigator" was that the 72 year old reached for his weapon after he had placed it on his car at the request of the officers? Come on. 
  • There's news again of a couple of cruise ships having to return to port early (New Jersey and Texas) due to a mass sickness breaking out.  The concept of a cruise seems less and less appealing as time goes by. 
  • Is there a bigger fraud than Deion Sanders? A secret recording was released yesterday where he wanted to be paid more by Prime Prep Academy for his self-proclaimed role being "HNIC". (That's Head N-Word In Charge for the uninitiated.) 
  • I'm completely confused by the Amanda Knox guilty/not guilty is-she-or-is-she-not saga. But I do know it's a crime she cut her hair
  • This morning the Musers on The Ticket were interviewing Adrian Peterson on Radio Row when Jesse Jackson just walked by and put on a headset and joined in. (Photo immediately thereafter.)


Something That Looks Fake But I Think Is Real

A plane is over Washington state right now flying in a "12" formation in honor of the 12th Man of the Seattle Seahawks. At least I think it's true.

Live flight tracking.
Back story.

The Denton "No Body" Murder Case Defendant Has Been Released

He sat three years in prison before the court of appeals had the gut to overturn a case -- a case which drove me nuts. Amazingly, he's only on bond and will have to wear an ankle monitor because the Denton County D.A.'s office has indicated it will appeal. Incredible.

And how much money do you think this has cost the taxpayers? Look at this first footnote in the opinion overturning the conviction:

(The "reporter's record" is what you would commonly refer to as the transcript.)

Woman Wants To Change Her First Name To "Sexy"

Huff Po – Ranea Crabtree doesn’t like her first name. So much so that she refuses to use it. In fact, if her 15-year-old daughter, Bethany, uses the dreaded name, she gets grounded, according to the Toronto Sun. For the record, Crabtree’s first name is Sheila, (“Ranea” is her middle name) but it may not be for much longer. She is petitioning a court in Licking County, Ohio, for the right to adopt a first name she thinks is more suitable: “Sexy.” ”I do wear a lot of Victoria’s Secret clothes and my husband calls me sexy all the time,” Crabtree told Fox19.com. “I really want to do Sexy because it’s kinda’ like my personality. I just love to be adventurous, have fun and do all kinds of things.” Did we mention she really hates her birth name? ”It’s just one of those names that I can’t stand. I hate the fact that I have been cursed with it,” she told the station. “My mom gave me my middle name of Ranea and my dad gave me my ugly name.” Other than dealing with what seem to be unresolved family issues, Crabtree has taken all the steps needed for the name change, including filling out a form, paying the $87 court fee and a 30-day notice in a local paper. The final step comes Feb. 11 when she will stand in front of a Licking County judge to formerly ask to change her name to “Sexy” once and for all. Legal experts tell the Columbia Dispatch the odds are Crabtree’s name change will be approved, but she’s planning an alternative strategy, just in case. “If it’s not Sexy, then I might go for Sparkle,” she told the paper.

I'm researching Ohio law to see if we can file an objection to the name change. Sometimes, you just gotta take a stand. 

Random Super Bowl Post

Deadspin pulled out an old article today about a (the most?) heart breaking Super Bowl moment in Cowboys history.  I remember it like it was yesterday -- Super Bowl XIII -- sitting on the couch in my neighbor's house with my buddies and girlfriends. Our reaction would be much like the Cowboys sideline as the ball bounced off Jackie Smith's chest. Oh, those days.

And the play will always be famous for Verne Lundquist's call of "he has to be the sickest man in America." Watch it.

Smith was on The Ticket several years back for some reason other than this play. I'm not sure why. But the Hardline brought up the historic moment. Smith wanted nothing to do with it.

(And I've always thought if Roger would have lead him, it never would have happened.)

Pete Delkus Putting Wise County On Triple Arctic Blast Warning

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport used to have a drive-in theater? And more than one theater downtown? ("Yes", per the comment section yesterday)
  • Breaking: Nine dead, including eight children, in house fire in Kentucky. 
  • I'm reading a Texas Monthly article on Ted Cruz which is really interesting. It included a photo of him with Dewhurst from their debates which reminded me of how angry Dewhurst got. 
  • From the Update: "The Senior Class of Alvord High School will hold a Drag Queen Contest Friday night during the Varsity Lady Bulldog/Bulldog basketball games at AHS." We've got Glee breaking out in Wise County.
  • I think I've had the most grateful client and the most ungrateful client ever this week. 
  • You may recall the woman found dead in her freezer in Mineral Wells. She was later to determined to have meth in her system. Yesterday, her husband was charged with the little known crime of providing a controlled substance to another which caused death or serious bodily injury. Good luck with all that. They have to prove he provided her meth, that the meth in her system was the same meth that he provided her, and it was the meth that caused her to fall in the freezer. (But he has such a criminal history that the DA will be about to brow beat him into some kind of plea.)
  • Junior Miller on The Ticket talked about jogging the six mile route in Central Park in Manhattan yesterday. That's definitely on my bucket list. 
  • The 2014 Wise County Hog Contest starts this Saturday. Sign up on The Hunting Game blog over there if you want to kill a hog. ---->
  • A conservative political consultant believes that George Bush may have been the last Republican president. One of the main reasons on her list: Demographics. I've been preaching that for over a decade. 
  • I'm not a fan of lawyer advertising, but one guy sure has an interesting way to target the club crowd. (h/t BagofNothing)
  • An alleged sex offender wanted in Wise County was on the run but caught yesterday in Louisiana. 
  • Two years ago, I criticized Wendy Davis for trying to make political hay out of the goofy act of a homeless man setting her office door slightly on fire.  (Who is fair and balanced? This guy!)


Ice Storm In Atlanta Observation

Can I Declare The Super Bowl Commercial Competition Over?

We Are Getting Close

There's a scene in Idiocracy (a movie about how America gets dumber and dumber as time goes by) which takes place in The House of Representatives which had been renamed The House of Representin'.  And the President was a former Ultimate Fighter champion. We're getting there. Ted Nugent was there last year. This year we've got Duck Dynasty guy and Sean Hannity.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughs

  • State of the Union: (1) The President seemed pretty fired up, (2) No man was more tense in America that John Boehner as he tried to decide when he should applaud and when he shouldn't, (3) Texas Congressman Randy Weber called the President a "socialist dictator" before the speech began. 
  • "12 year old Oklahoma girl shoots home intruder." Some folks online were promoting the story last night for their "gun rights" position. Hey, I've got nothing against guns, but that seems like an odd story to use as a promotional tool. Edit: Example.
  • A worker was killed while working on the new bridge being built across the Brazos River going to Baylor's new stadium. He was strapped to a boom but, horribly, that boom went into the water. 
  • Mark Davis tweet about the Republican position: "Ivory tower consultants will warn of dangers of repelling women, minorities. Let us speak truth in effort to serve all, let chips fall..."  Think that'll win you some elections? 
  • I used to see movies in the theater in downtown Bridgeport. I'm guessing there aren't many people that can say that. 
  • "It's an unbridgeable gulf between left and right. It's a civil war in every sense of the word. We understand the United States differently." - Dennis Prager (apparently not understanding the phrase "every sense of the word")
  • Came home the other day and Honey Boo Boo was on. I think I'm going to have to draw the line. 
  • "TCU defensive end Devonte Fields was attacked at his home on the 3240 S. University Dr. early Tuesday morning, according to a Fort Worth Police Department incident report." Sound legit? How about this: "The report said Fields then went to the TCU testing center instead of remaining at the scene. According to the report, Fields originally consented to a police search of his residence, but changed his mind upon arrival. Fields also told police he did not want to press charges."
  • The NFL charged fans $28.50 to sit in the stands at "Media Day" yesterday at the Prudential Center.  I'm really turning on the NFL. 
  • I've always supported Jerry Jones but he may have finally lost it. He demotes his offensive "play caller" but won't let him interview for other jobs, hires someone as the oddly named "passing game coordinator", and then finds a new defensive coordinator while "promoting" the old one (who no one would hire) to assistant coach. As Junior Miller said, Jones has finally become Al Davis.
  • I spend a fortune on climate control, phone, television, and Internet alone. 
  • An assistant coach for Ohio State was stuck in his car for 19 hours last night due to icy roads in Atlanta. 
  • It seems insane that a Dallas cop would sexually assault a woman during a traffic stop, but that's the accusation
  • But not as insane of the young lady accused of killing the 2 year old by duct taping her mouth and who was seen on surveillance tape buying the tape with the child at her side forty minutes before cops were called. 
  • Funny: You mess with a reporter on The Weather Channel and you'll get a knee (love how the guy keeps running.)

Above The Fold


Michael B. Jordan And Woman

That guy was in The Wire except I don't remember him being on The Wire. Her? She's a universal mystery.

Fight at Peter Piper Pizza in Burleson, TX

Pretty sure Fox 4 had the story first.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Pic from "TopGolf's Suits and Boots charity event on Jan. 25, 2014" in the metroplex.
  • I actually watched the Lt. Governor debate last night. Observations: (1) That footage should be placed in a time capsule because in twenty years Texas will be stunned that any of these guys could get elected to anything. (2) All candidates call for creationism to be taught in schools. (3) Said rape/incest are not valid exceptions for abortion. (4) All thought the judge and JPS made bad decisions in the Tarrant County Munoz case. (5) Only one would consider looking into legalizing medical marijuana. (6) Dan Patrick is a nutcase and the fact that he declared bankruptcy in the 1980s -- and refused to answer a question last night as to whether he has a "moral obligation" to repay the discharged debt -- will kill him. 
  • "If you don't like Texas weather . . . . " [gunshot]
  • I've become a fan of Nyquil to let me sleep through the night. (Hey, before you jump on me, it's not like I'm buying a kilo of Ambien on the black market.)
  • Super Bowl participant Broncos middle linebacker Paris Lenon is the last player in the NFL who played in the XFL.  (I actually remember watching the opening moments of the first XFL game with Vince McMahon screaming into a microphone before a half empty stadium. And I'm pretty sure the "He Hate Me" guy was in that game.)
  • "Legendary folk singer Pete Seeger has died at 94."  Should I feel bad about not knowing that name? 
  • The joy of the Fifth Grader in The House making a homemade smoothie and The Sophomore in the House finding the hidden bag on Snickers. Oh, life.
  • "Don't kid yourself: Macklemore's Edgy Politics Are Not Edgy." For some reason, I found that short article interesting even though I know next to nothing about the Grammy artist Macklemore.
  • I once rode the New York Subway over a period of three days and have taken a train from Rutgers to Penn Station. And I loved all of it. (Livin' large, right?)
  • From someone in the know: Wise County is awaiting the results of two more possible flu related deaths. Probably the cause of only one of the two. 
  • "In Texas you have to be 18. You have to jump four times tandem – with another person. In Oklahoma you only have to be 16." - sister of a Joshua teenager who almost died when her chute failed to completely open during a skydive. 
  • No way I'd do this unless it was the only available option I had:  "[Wise County] Taxpayers may also pay [property] taxes online with a credit card at myswdata.com (using the drop down 'Wise CAD' option). A 2.4 percent charge is added to all credit card transactions."
  • Our District Attorney's mother has passed away. 



Things Change Once Ruskie Whips Out An Axe

One guy with axe > Car + Three guys who couldn't land a punch anyway

A GIF of Every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

The Circle Of Life: Peace Doves Attacked By Other Birds

The carnage.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw the Wolf of Wall Street over the weekend.. Observations: (1) It was full throttle but too long, (2) Leonardo DiCaprio, when he wears sunglasses, looks like Jack Nicholson at times, (3) Margot Robbie is a smoking "Hey, Now", and (4) It's kind of fun and tense to sit by strangers when an uncomfortable scene is shown. 
  • Ticket fans: The Wise County Spelling Bee (from the archives.)  
  • I had been waiting for the decision in the Denton "No Body" case for months, and I'm sure I was the first one to "report" it on Friday. I even got a shout out from the Dallas Observer
  • Sports: (1) I still haven't watched a second of a Mavs' game, (2) The Evil Empire figured out that Baylor may have the worst defense in the country, (3) Tiger Woods might be done. (4) A grey bearded Deion Sanders makes me feel old, and (5) Listening to Ticketstock over the weekend made me realize how great it was when The Hammer was a part of the Hardline. 
  • Grammy observations: (1) I'm big fan of Pink because she works so hard. I'm not a fan of the slacker. (2) And another Getting Old thought: I wanted to hear Chicago without Robin Thicke, (3) Funny Taylor Swift reaction
  • Wrong way driver in Dallas last night
  • Brett Shipp has a new investigative report about an SMU basketball player who had a grade changed during his senior year in high school. That's news?
  • I hate it when a reporter asks/tweets "What question would you like me to ask [insert name]?" Hey, you're the reporter -- you figure it out.
  • Something I plan on reading: "Tony Dorsett Is Losing His Mind. Unexplained fits of rage. Forgetting where he was yesterday. A Dallas Cowboys great begins to discover the price of football." I loved Dorsett.
  • I was wrong: There was a judge with the enough courage to order life support withdrawn from the Munoz woman. And I'm surprised that JPS didn't fight further.  I'm glad they didn't.
  • I was a little surprised at the Josh Brent verdict. As I wrote, I thought he would get somewhere between 2 and 10 years. That being said, there's no reason to "change the law" as some nutcases are already clamoring for.  (And I think its a fascinating question as to whether Josh Brent will be a Cowboy this Fall.)
  • "The Statue of Liberty's face before it was installed - 1886."