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Michelle Hunziker And A UT Student Getting Hit By A Bus During A Sword Fight Taking You Into The Weekend

And I was kidding about the sword fight.

Defendant Was None Too Pleased This Morning

I remembered when this crime happened. The guy above, sixteen years old at the time, and another kid were burglarizing a home in Fort Worth when a high schooler who lived there walked in on him. That kid got shot in the head.  The prosecutors certified this defendant as an adult and his trial was this week. The punishment was handed down this morning and he went off on the jury. Fox 4 has video of it.

(I know what's coming, so I'll warn you I'll block the you-know-what comments. But the comments over at the Star-Telegram will be a war zone)

First the bear now ...


(NEWSER– His sense of adventure, it seems, finally got the better of him. A bear who made his name by showing up on campus at the University of Colorado—where he relaxed in a tree before being tranquilized and tumbling into photographic infamy—has been killed by a car on US 36, the AP reports. Officials know it was the same bear because of a tag placed on his ear following the college incident, after which he had been relocated to a wilderness area about 50 miles west of Boulder. A driver was slightly injured in the accident yesterday morning.

Well, that just ruined my day. Greatest bear in the history of ever has met his maker.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Seminar Day Two.  I left this morning wearing jeans and a pretty sporty shirt (if I do say so myself.) Mrs LL looked at me like I was heading out for a night on the town. 
  • The "biggest moon of the year" will be this weekend.
  • There's always a bright "star" that is the first to appear in the western sky this time of year. This week I learned for the first time that it is not a star but a planet. 
  • Without looking, I'm not sure I could name a single superhero making up The Avengers. When was that group popular? (Now if you want me to name the Super Friends, that'd be easy.)
  • I saw the aftermath of a big wreck in Arlington yesterday on I-30. One of the vehicles was a yellow taxi van that looked like it had rolled. That made me cringe. Any change a passenger(s) was wearing a seatbelt in that?
  • Yesterday at the seminar, there were two lawyers from Central Texas (man and a woman) sitting behind me who seemed to know each other and both were staying at the hotel. The guy was whipping that lady's arse with lame conversation like nobody's business. When they returned from lunch I heard the guy say, "Where were you? (Laughing) I thought you were avoiding me." I bet she was.
  • He had a holster for his phone. But he also has an iPad. 
  • When you overhear criminal defense lawyers talking about prosecutors, the greatest seal of approval you will hear is that the person being discussed is "fair and honest." 
  • There's a female lawyer who is an in-studio Fox 4 consultant for the Deion/Pilar Sanders ongoing soap opera. I'd take her a lot more seriously if she wouldn't say "you know" like a teenager every thirty seconds.
  • If Kim Mulkey could walk out onto the court and challenge every call, she would have been Mrs. LL's opposing softball coach last night. Sheesh, lady. This ain't Game Seven of the World Series.
  • Morning News today: The son of a guy who was part of the French Army defeated in a battle by Mexico (which was the origin of Cinco de Mayo) moved to Bridgeport back in the day and bought a coal mine. 
  • Did you catch the angry Mark Cuban dropping F bombs last night as the Mavericks were getting blown out? That made me giggle a little bit. Can't stand the guy. EDIT: Animated GIF!!!
  • Has he had botox injections? 
  • "Is this a sign of the changing of the guard?" - Announcer last night when Oklahoma City got out to a jaw dropping lead. Answer: Absolutely.
  • Seven items in today's Update promote fundraisers.
  • Fun to play with: Radio Time Machine.


Reader Sent In Photo From Decatur Courthouse

Please tell me I don't know this guy.

DWI Seminar

  • That's where I'm at.
  • Try getting to Arlington in rush hour traffic these days. Good grief.
  • A guy was sitting behind me earlier who had the voice of the Honey Badger narrarrater.
  • I heard a girl randomly says that she was one of three girls who was dressed the same "if you see the photo of the time that the goal post went into the stands at the Aggie/Tech game." I'm going to look that up. 
  • A guy wanted to talk to me about a "cattle rustling" case. 
  • Developing
  • We just got shut down for over 30 minutes because the "electrical grid" in the area was shut down for a nuclear attack drill? You kidding me? 
  • Don Wilson of Abilene came up to me during the break and told me he was an avid blog reader. Heck of a nice guy with great stories. (And you hardly ever hear me say that)
  • I tried to talk to one of the course leaders about a case he would definitely be interested in. Instead, he was so enamored with his own voice that we didn't get a chance to discuss it. That guy's a beating. 

Reader submitted

Actual birthday cake he received.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "The Scream" painting (bet you can guess what it is) sold at auction for $120 million.
  • Me + Jogging = I'm beginning to feel my age.
  • For the millionth time, a person possesses methamphetamine not methamphetamines.
  • The crazy guy who sexually assaulted the girl in Dallas who was on her way to school was kicked out of Prairieville Baptist Church. They have standards?
  • Mrs. LL got a tiny trophy for running a 5K last weekend. I looked up yesterday and saw that it's on our mantel. I think she's doing shtick. I hope. 
  • I've never heard anything positive about ultra-conservative Tarrant County judge Sharen Wilson. Why doesn't someone run against her?
  • College kid sleeping on the couch during a drug raid is told he would be released but instead was placed in a dark cell, handcuffed to a wall, and forgotten for four days. Incredible.
  • One of the buyers of the Los Angeles Dodgers, along with Magic Johnson, is Fort Worth resident Bobby Patton. I knew Bobby back when he was a criminal defense lawyer who pretty much earned a living like everyone else. Then in 2005 the Osteopathic Hospital in Fort Worth got foreclosed on and he scrambled and bought it at auction for $6 million (I'm not sure how).One week later he sold it to the University of North Texas for $16 million. 
  • But there had to be even more windfalls than that in order for him to be part of that buyer's group.
  • I've started reading Blackhawk Down. I've never seen the movie. I was hoping for more background but it may be more of a battle intensive book.
  • The video of Junior Seau's mom grieving yesterday was really hard to watch. 


Wise County Cops Wouldn't Put Up This Occupy Movement

What the heck is up at the 12 second mark? Yesterday in Los Angeles, some 99%-er Eddie Munster look-alike comes up and whacks a cop in the back of the head and they let him walk away? Try to pull that here and we've got a whack-a-mole game breaking out while everyone yells, "You will respect my awwwthoriteeeee!!"  It'd be brutal.

And what's up with that kid's weapon? (Shown below.)  A mini washtub?

P.S. That cop wasn't very big. Maybe it was Take Your Kid To Work Day or something. 

Sports Death: Junior Seau

TMZ learns everything first.

"Mom Accused Of Putting Five Year Old Daughter In Tanning Bed"

I've seen that headline all day long and not once clicked on the link. Didn't interest me one bit. Then someone sent me an email link to the story so I clicked on it almost out of frustration.

Trust me like you've never trusted me: The images of the mom completely change the Internet gold value of this story. (There's a video within that link but you can scroll down to get a pic of her.)

Afternoon Pick Me Up: Tricked Up Edition

Decatur Mayor Responds to Bluebonnet Cemetery Massacre

Says not to talk about it on Facebook.

Recipient of letter, in turn, posts letter on Facebook.  Funny.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Rangers gave up two home runs last night that hit the top of the wall and bounced over. I've got a buddy who will go nuts today if someone says, "What were the odds of that happening?" He'll reply that it's the same odds of the ball being hit to any two other random places on the field. He told me that 25 years ago, and I still ponder it.
  • The President's "secret" visit to Afghanistan has to be "secret." You don't exactly want to publicize that flight ahead of time.'
  • Deion Sanders is going to be on Good Morning America today. Is there no one that will simply tell him he needs keep quiet and keep his dignity.
  • Someone referenced the old show Blind Date which I used to love, but I'm struggling to remember the format.
  • I haven't read much of anything about the Cleveland Bomb A Bridge Plot but I'm guessing it's another roundup of a bunch of knuckleheads by the FBI who could never have pulled it off.
  • Man, I bet you could get beaten down by the conversation coming from the guys who hang around this "pool lounge" that has opened in the Uptown area of Dallas.
  • The video of Kate Upton doing the "Cat Daddy" got banned by youtube yesterday. You'll have to do The Google.
  • Mrs. LL appealed a call at her softball game last night and got it overturned. I'll be. 
  • In cold blood: Two people got shot in their home in Dallas last night in front of their children who were left unharmed. It almost sounds like it was a hit.
  • The Messenger has an editorial today wondering why its "Wise County Crime Reports" never gets a Texas Monthly "Bum Steer Award."  It's for the reason I mentioned two weeks ago: You intentionally try to trick them up.
  • If the EPA "non-attainment" status for Wise County means more expensive inspections, get ready. What's it add? $30?

I'm Proud To Be 'merican, Too

Star-Telegram's gone all country on us.


Messenger Above The Fold

The Weirdest (And Grossest Thing) You'll Watch All Day

"A woman interrupts a taped segment for WCIU-TV, an independently and locally owned, programmed and operated station based out of Chicago, and spits repeatedly on the ground in front of the camera."

Heck, I even question whether this was a staged bit. But if it was, it was a strange one. 

President On Anniversary of Death of Bin Laden

Let me guess. Some of you believe he is 'spiking the football' in this election year?

Wheel of Fortune Family Reaction

A lot going on there.

Good Thing She Is Not A Gymnast

Horrible camera angle but I couldn't help but post it because of the "OH! OH! OH! OH!" at the beginning of the video.

And isn't the Steeplechase the weirdest event in track and field?

Finally, could this be some foreshadowing of the presidential race? (See what I did there?)

And Another

Considering she's 43 and from Wisconsin, not bad.



Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Have to love this: After the Knicks lost to the heat last night, Amare Stoudemire punched a fire extinguisher which was enclosed in a glass case. With the aftermath involving blood, broken glass, and paramedics being called, he now might be done for the year
  • There's a radio ad for a development of lake property a couple of hours out of DFW that says the are "selling these lots for half of their fair market value." Based upon that line alone, anyone who even thinks about dealing with that real estate group is an idiot. 
  • Some gal from The Bachelor is a "Hey, Now" at a Las Vegas pool. 
  • There was a report yesterday that today less of a percentage of teenagers in Texas have a driver's license than compared to 10 years ago. I think I know why. 
  • We ate at Kincaid's on Saturday evening in north Fort Worth. I was there a year ago and it was packed. This time it was almost empty. Weird. 
  • I dreamed I had a car repair bill of $2,200.  That was a good dream to wake up from. The waking up part, I mean. 
  • Yu Darvish has the chance to be scary good. After his win last night, he has an ERA of 0.89 over his last three starts. Amazing. 
  • I don't understand the Dallas Morning News. They have a story on their homepage about a gruesome murder but it is behind a paywall. Yet they have a crime blog where the whole story can be read there. And, man, that is one heck of a story
  • Both last week's "manhunt" and yesterday's "stabbing" in Wise County involved some names that the courthouse is familiar with.
  • That David Dewhurst ad where he targets opponent Ted Cruz for representing "the Chinese" (say it in a sinister voice) is meant to target the lowest possible denominator among us. I'm no fan of Cruz, but Dewhurst is a snake. 
  • Everyone went gaga over the release of the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises last night. I got to see some of the last Batman movie a couple of weeks ago, and I continue to be the voice of the minority in saying it was horrible. (But Mrs. LL likes for me to do the Batman voice -- which I can do pretty good, by the way.)
  • A 26 year old Olympic medalist swimmer from Norway who had been training for this summer's games in London was found dead in his bathroom. 
  • I thought the demise of the Mavericks would happen last year. I was 12 months too early. (But why does a game against Oklahoma City start so late in the evening?)
  • There are eleven funeral announcements in today's Update
  • Tony Romo attended the White House Correspondence Dinner?

When Different Worlds Collide

Sen. Rick Santorum meets Lindsay Lohan at the White House Correspondents' Dinner over the weekend.

What Kind Of Hat Was That At The Ranger Game Last Night?

Sent In Today From CR 2265 Just Outside of Chico

Thanks emailer!!

And Another: Oklahoma


I'm Not Buying This Story

This is the story of the day on the Internet. It's showing up everywhere.

But there is no way this is true.

A guy upgrades at the girlfriend position and then he decides to use the ex for his next dentist appointment? Sure, go ahead and sedate me and take that big ol' drill over there and just go to town on my mouth. I trust you. What could go wrong? There's no way you'd let that female broken heart of yours to impact your professionalism, would you?

Guys can be dumb, but they're not that dumb.

DPS Has A Bad Chemist. Hello, Headache.

This was posted on the Texas District and County Attorney's Association web site on Friday.  Kudos to DPS for admitting the problem., but they really didn't have a choice. If they tried to bury the problem, every past drug case in Texas would be in jeopardy if it was later revealed that they did.

As far as I know, Wise County doesn't use the DPS lab in Houston.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I mentioned prescription pain killer addition last week and last night 60 Minutes mentioned there were 210 million prescriptions written last year in America. That's enough for every adult. 
  • I watched some of the original Indiana Jones last night. It's still great but far more campy than I remember. 
  • The Redskins took RG3 with the first pick in the draft and mortgaged the farm to do so. So they take another quarterback in the third round? That makes no sense.
  • The NFL needs to add on more round to the draft and let fans make the picks. Seriously.
  • I never saw this in a college women's softball game this weekend: An outfielder let a foul fly ball intentionally drop so that a runner at third couldn't tag up an score. It makes sense, but I've never seen it. 
  • Who would have thought that a planned condo project off the banks of the Trinity in downtown Fort Worth where the average cost would be $875,000 would fail?
  • Mrs. LL chewed me out after I admitted I watched Modern Family.  Then we sat down and watched it and she told me it was a repeat that she had already seen.  Say what?
  • There were at least two motorcycle deaths in the metroplex over the weekend, but haven't found any links to them yet. Edit: Found one. The other was at Beach Street and Loop 820 in Fort Worth.
  • Regional track results: 400 relay — 1. Mineral Wells, 41.82; 2. Estacado, 42.41; 3. Andrews, 42.83; 4. Castleberry, 43.53; 5. Hirschi, 43.98; 6. Decatur, 54.44. That's a dropped baton, right?
  • Nolan Ryan poses with the couple involved in the Foul Ball Scandal last night. They were supposed to get married over the weekend (the couple, not all three.)
  • When I walked through the Texas Capital the other day I kept saying, ""Is you is or is you ain't my constituents?" (Movie reference.) 
  • I wondered last week why no one has thought about rebuilding the Titanic. Well, someone is.
  • Holding onto a thin retractable leash as a dog takes off causing the leash to zip through your fingers is not a pleasurable experience. Dumb dog. 
  • The Dallas DA's office will announce the 31st and 32nd DNA exoneration today. Incredible. They seriously need to consider taking former DA Henry Wade's name off  that juvenile justice building that was names after him. 


The Enemy Pig

I was walking the Family Pup this morning and, I can't do this justice, the little fellow went charging at a pig lawn ornament. Yep, a pig lawn ornament. She thought the thing was real and went crashing into it with such force she knocked herself loopy. I'm not sure I've laughed so hard.

This video is taken by Mrs. LL who returned to the scene of the crime. It's not as good as the original experience, but still funny.