It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

A Special Lunch Report

I was cooking up a delicious lunch because I'm a connoisseur of the microwave. However, I had to stop down once I saw the cooking time on this one. That's extremely precise.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The polls are getting closer -- what an insane presidential race. But even in states where it is 50/50 shouldn't it be referred to as a "dead heat" instead of "too close to call". 
  • Can you imagine on election night the network of your choosing hitting the breaking news sounder and saying, "We now project that Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States." Love him or hate him, in your wildest dreams did you ever think it would come to this?
  • Heard a lady up at the courthouse asking if the cops can search her trash if it is on her lawn for pickup.  I actually got interested because she had seized on the key issue: It's not that the items of concern were in the trash bag it is where the trash bag was located at the time it was seized. 
  • Wasn't there a movie where the cops got the trash pick-up folks to take the trash bag on a regular pickup and then hand it over to them just to be safe? Dirty Harry? (And, no, the cops can't use non-cops to do what they can't legally do - but under those facts they didn't have to anyway)
  • Wise County law enforcement has searched garbage bags left for pickup. (Legally in the cases I've seen.) 
  • George W. Bush appeared at an elementary school yesterday in Dallas which is named after him. Is there a chance that was his first official appearance at an elementary school since the moment of 9/11?
  • I can't stand lines but don't mind waiting. Lined up for an iPhone 7 this morning? I'm out. Tell me the iPhone will be delivered in two months otherwise? Fine.  Fifteen minute line to a restaurant I like? I'm out. Tell me we can come back in two weeks and get right in? Fine.
  • A kid took a gun to Arlington's Sam Houston High School yesterday. That's bad enough but am I right to cock an eyebrow at the fact that a bullet was already in the chamber?
  • Jimmy Fallon got to mess up Trump's hair:
  • There was a big house fire last night in Westover Hills.  Notes: (1) Westover Hills is the most high tone area in Fort Worth but you never, ever hear about it. (2) The home is owned by Brad Corbett Jr. -- son of the former Rangers owner. (3)  Oddly, that was the second time in 24 hours that the fire department had been called out. The first time was just a small fire. 
  • The Arochi trial got caught up in DNA yesterday. The DA's office wanted to have their local law enforcement expert testify the DNA was from blood but the judge basically gave him the "like anyone could even know that" and wouldn't allow it.  (Independent labs won't go so far as to call it DNA from blood.)
  • My gut reaction about that trial so far is that he might have kidnapped her, but I'm not even comfortable saying he "probably" did it. And I'm a million miles from believing it beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • Random old news I learned yesterday: Johnny Cash's old Tennessee house was bought by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees many years ago and then the whole thing burned down. 
  • Per the Update, there was a high speed chase from Wise County into Tarrant County last night until the "car struck a tree on U.S. 81/287 near Loop 820 in Fort Worth."  There are trees amongst all that construction?


Grab Bag For The Afternoon

How is this possible? More wheels off stuff comes out of Williamson County than any other.

Meanwhile, at Jerry World in the area of last weekends fight . . .

It's official,  your phone will burn your pants off:

That Trip To Denton This Morning Is A Little Tough

 156 to 380? That's over four miles.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I looked at the Court of Criminal Appeals hand down list yesterday and saw two Wise County cases on it. The State won both. By the afternoon, I had received a call about one of them but, by the time a case gets decided in Austin, it is all but over. (Death penalty cases still have some "life" but not regular felons.)
  • DPS took $200,000 left in an "abandoned" car in Hildago County.  I've got lots of questions about all aspects of that "case."
  • That Arochi trial is interesting, and I could smell a little desperation with the prosecution. They tried to admit into evidence yesterday an olive jar (found in a shoe) filled with an oily type liquid smelling of cinnamon and with pieces of paper within. The reason they wanted it? Possible witchcraft. Yep. Witchcraft. How'd they know? They read it on the Internet. Seriously. The judge denied the request. 
  • A body was found dismembered and burned near Lake Grapevine yesterday.  Arochi related? Probably not but worth a though since his alleged victim is still missing. 
  • There was a "human trafficking" case in the news about a week ago that I meant to mention. Some guy gets arrested in Wise County for having twelve (?) people in an SUV with him. He goes to jail and the twelve are let go.  (I would like to predict that any prosecutor who first reviews that case will think, "And just how do you expect me to prove this?")
  • A pastor interrupted Trump yesterday when he began to make a political speech.  I presume there were ground rules. If not, the pastor was rude.
  • I'll admit that the more I watch it the more that video from the weekend of Hillary is very odd. To me, it actually looked like she was a malfunctioning robot. That's truly my best description. And is it just me, or did those around her not move with quite the sense of urgency you would expect them to?
  • Why I hate sports interviews: The Ticket had Jason Witten on for his weekly show and they asked him, somewhat out of nowhere, if he had seen the dismembered hand of Jason Pierre-Paul while on the field against the Giants. Ok, that's kind of funny. Witten, in a deadpan voice, said "no, I didn't" and then spent over a minute talking about what a great player Pierre-Paul is (something which no one asked him about.)
  • Best idea I heard to stop the sun from coming into Cowboys Stadium: Move the Sky Mirror to the other side of the stadium and use it to reflect the sun. Brilliant. 
  • Ben Hur, the recent remake which doesn't depict electricity, bombed at the box office. 
  • The Waco Twin Peaks biker cases finally has a development: Three cops involved in it weren't indicted for crimes. Yep, they took the allegations all the way to a grand jury. As to the biker defendants: No trials. No plea bargains. No convictions. It's been well over a year.
  • Sandra Bland's family got almost $2 million in a settlement by the government? (And the "non-economic" agreement is the Sheriff's office yelling "mercy.")


Anyone Seen My Giant Inflatable Moon?

Just Because

Or this for the joy of seeing dear old dad disappear:

Let's Go To A Rangers/Astros Game

Language, and I do mean language, warning.

Above The Fold

Full readable page.

Another Frivolous Lawsuit

Until you read about it and see it.  (Her lawyer is the one who paid $115,000 for an Aggie personalized license plate. There might be something to this.)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Is Trump's plan to have the federal government impose paid maternal leave on private employers a conservative idea?
  • The Ellis County judge used a little known legal provision to get herself a $74,000 a year raise. Does Wise County have a nine person Salary Grievance Committee which apparently has a ton of power? Something in the back of my mind says yes. 
  • Former Tech coach Mike Leach had a great rant yesterday -- it wasn't as great as his "fat little girlfriends" rant but still pretty good. 
  • Following WFAA's Valerie Wigglesworth's real time coverage of the Arochi kidnapping trial on Twitter is mesmerizing. (But I don't see the business side angle of WFAA telling her to do that.)
  • Speaking of that trial, the prosecutors better be holding back because at this point they've got nothing.  (And the boyfriend of the missing girl seemed a little too eager to embrace the assertion he didn't have anything to do with the case because he was "out selling drugs" that night. Hey, he might be a convicted drug dealer -- selling it to friends and friends of friends who wanted it -- but no drug dealer like him would ever say he spent his entire night "out selling drugs" unless it benefited him.)
  • I can't remember the last time I saw a weather balloon.
  • Train ruins marathon.
  • Trump was to go on Dr. Oz and discuss his health but now Trump says he'll just discuss health in general. (Admission: I've never seen a second of Dr. Oz's show.)
  • So the murder of the University Park fire captain was allegedly the result of his wife, who he was going through a divorce with, who baited him out to a remote area where the boyfriend could kill him? You're going through a divorce. Why kill him? 
  • Anyone seen Sarah Palin? 
  • Why don't all sports clocks have a one place digital digit for tenths of seconds? Basketball shot clock? Football play clock?
  • I'm guessing I'd love The Circus on Showtime about the current election but no one has mentioned it to me. 


Strippers Love The Second Amendment, Too

You Are Welcome To Take Your White Privilege Elsewhere -- In Her Estimation

Language warning. And confusion warning.

And more her . . . .

Let's Go To Jerry World!

There's a huge Fake Dez Bryant in that crowd:

Winner for "Most Entertained" - smiling have having a snack:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What happened to that 90+ year old woman who was walking from the metroplex to D.C.? 
  • From the official Trump site -- buy early for Christmas:
  • I wonder what a guy from Fort Worth is thinking after being on a South Dakota Indian reservation, gets in a wreck, gets arrested for driving recklessly (no reference to drugs or alcohol), the prosecutor is with the U.S. Attorney's office, and your trial is in federal court. And then you are acquitted.  (Side note: The Feds are prosecuting car wrecks now when they get the chance?)
  • How come you are "on" a reservation instead of "in" a reservation?
  • I want Rick Perry's jacket from Dancing With The Stars . . .
  • He was a painfully awkward dancer and was awkward in the post-dance interview, but I'll give the guy credit. I wouldn't have the guts to do that. 
  • RG3 is probably done. His career and that of Vince Young are very similar. 
  • Sideline anthem protests: I still don't particularly care.
  • Legal thought: A lot of people correctly say that the protests of certain NFL players during the national anthem is not a Freedom of Speech issue. Technically correct. The government is not involved in retaliation which would trigger the First Amendment. However private, personal speech is the way any First Amendment case gets started. Without personal speech, there is nothing for which the government to react to.
  • Raiders of Lost Ark scene recreated in Jerry World?:
  • The Austin American Statesman did a piece on whether DPS engages in racial profiling and which has prompted one Texas legislator to ask for a hearing on the issue.
  • A promoted ad on my Twitter feed this morning which makes me wonder what they think of me . . . 
  • "COMMISSIONERS APPROVE BUDGET, TAX RATE – Wise County commissioners Monday approved a $62.9 million budget for fiscal year 2017." Just for fun and nonsense, what was the budget seven years ago? We can then say, "During the Obama Administration, Wise County's budget increased from $___ million to $62.9 million in 2017."


Welp, It's Back To War With Britain


Almost Missed This From Over The Weekend

An arrest was made.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Once the details come out about the murder of University Park fire captain while in Royce City, it will be a Lifetime movie.  Guy was shot in the head. Wife calls it in. She gets arrested for "conspiracy" to commit murder. Another guy is picked up on the murder charge. 
  • I think I would like a job of the person(s) being in charge of Hillary's PR yesterday. Trying to decide where to take her and whether to have her walk out (and what to say) two hours later would have been the result of some intense conversations. 
  • I don't know what to think about her pneumonia diagnosis but I was surprised by the number of conspiracy theories that popped up yesterday. 
  • The WBAP boys were discussing who the vice-presidential pick will be of Hillary's replacement on the Democratic ticket. Yes. They did.  Hal Jay even said that was, "A good question."
  • As I continue my WBAP dog-pile (with only listening to five minutes this morning), they also reported they had a "different angle" of the Hillary collapse, and Hal Jay immediately inquired "Upskirt?"  (I am not making that up.)
  • Cowboys: Terrance Williams says he knew to go out of bounds yesterday. I don't believe that. I bet he is too embarrassed to admit that he didn't know the clock would continue to roll. (But, you know, under college rules the clock will stop briefly after a first down.)
  • That so oft mentioned sun, coming in from the west into Cowboys Stadium, met Jason Witten yesterday. 
  • Jerry's reaction as time ran out:
  • SMU pants:
  • I had to find the particular size bolt to fit into the back of a TV (for a TV mount) this weekend. I just had it narrowed down to 1/4", 3/16", #12 or #10 when I learned of 5M and 6M.  That project took 100 times longer than it should have. (I've got some extra bolts if you guys need any.)


News Of The Day: Hillary May Not Be Well

She left the 9/11 Ceremony after feeling "overheated".  This person tweeted the footage and the major news organizations are begging to use it. Gazda said "fine".  When I was looking in the comments to the tweet, someone posted this angle (or is it just enhanced?):
Edit: A better view:

Waiting for the Trump tweet.