USC and Notre Dame Are Playing Tonight

Just thought you'd want to know.

You Don't See That Jersey Very Often

From the Southlake - Euless Trinity game yesterday.

Worth Watching?

Michael Irvin might (or might not) be in hot water for suggesting that Dallas QB Tony Romo has a little black in his heritage since he's such a good athlete. Specifically, he suggested that Romo's great-great-great Grandma "ran over in the hood and something went down" or "pulled one of them studs up outta the barn." The comments were made on the Dan Patrick radio show. You can hear them here. May favorite part is at the end where co-host Keith Olberman says, "Let's try to turn out of this skid."


43,000 . . .

. . . was the announced attendance today at Texas Stadium for The Southlake Carroll Arian Nations vs. Euless Trinity Tongans. The Tongans should have won, but didn't. (And traffic was a mess since not all the regular entrances were open. The Euless Trinity band arrived at the end of the first quarter. The drill team for Southlake made it there at the start of the second.) My plan was to TIVO the A&M - Texas game and then go home and watch it without knowing the results. That plan didn't work. Something big happened in Austin and you couldn't walk 20 feet without someone talking about.


Good Times?

So the Star Telegram has a story tonight on some guy getting stabbed outside of Tumbleweeds Sports Bars (which appears to be fairly close to Saginaw). When I went to its web site I noticed that it had a bunch of pictures posted from past Halloweens. It's a slow night. Check 'em out.

Cowboys Halftime: A Little Gay?


Success. 8 miles. 1 hour, 9 minutes, 52 seconds. Sore legs.


A Thanksgiving Note

It's the holidays so forgive me if it is slow posting over the next couple of days. Who knows, it depends on if I see anything interesting. Tomorrow, unless I oversleep, I'll be running the 8 Mile Turkey Trot in Dallas. I've done it for a number of years, and it may be my favorite day of the year. It's an incredible experience with thousands of people showing up to run when most people are in bed. My first stab at it was about 10 years ago, and I was so afraid that I couldn't make the eight miles that I cut off the route and went the 3.5 mile alternative route instead. The next year I went the entire 8 miles and thought I might be meeting The Maker shortly after the finish line. One year I ran with a new girlfriend who beat me on the eight mile course by three minutes and taunted me relentlessly. I ran it one year with my first wife. Last year I had a horrible thigh cramp on mile number two but refused to quit - that, my bruther, was pain the rest of the way. I hate to admit it, but over the last three year the run has become a tad bit harder. But I refuse to get old. I plan on doing it for years to come. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there. Although I'm concerned about each and every one of you because you read the crap, I'm glad you're out there. (And, for those interested, what I wrote one year ago could be written again today.)

I Refuse To Post This

But it is Thanksgiving, when we give thanks by eating like a bear about to hibernate for the winter.

I Don't Know Who Kristin Cavallari Is

Why Do We Do This Silliness Every Year?

And the joke of a "pardon" seems particularly callous for a country that loves the death penalty. And the White House web site even has the whole transcript of the proceedings for you to read.

These Are The Two Guys . .

. . . that were the subject of Michael "Kramer" Richard's rant. They seemed fairly reasonable (until I learned that they had hired media-ho attorney Gloria Allred who is making the goofy proposition that they all go before a retired judge to determine how much money those guys should get.) I can answer that: None.


JFK Anniversary

Here's a bit of a repost from three years ago under the old "Skattershooting" format:
  • I traveled down to the site of the shooting on the afternoon of the 40th anniversary with a digital camera.
  • There were a ton of people there including some nut cases. My brush with greatness came when Jessie Ventura walked towards me and then got really close.
  • Since the City of Dallas refuses to hold any official program to commemorative the anniversary, the conspiracy theory groups simply take over the scene, microphone included.
  • Zapruder [the guy that filmed the JFK assassination simply by chance] sold the film to Life Magazine for $250,000 which was a huge chuck of change in 1964. Heck, it is a lot of money today.
  • If the Zapruder film did not exist, how many more conspiracies would there be?
  • I still have difficulty watching the Zapruder film at the moment of the "head shot".
  • Want to see the type of camera that Zapruder was using?
  • Can you imagine a more horrifying experience than what Jackie Kennedy went through?
  • An amazing still from the Zapruder film right before the fatal shot is here. This is known as frame #312.
  • An amazing web site that documents every single frame of the Zapruder file is here.

Please Tell Me We Won't Invade Argentina Over This

As I Listen To Channel 8 News . . .

. . . give a handful of tips on how to "remain safe from thieves at the mall this season", I think I can sum it up: Don't be stupid. Otherwise, I would leave my keys in my car, and leave my new PS3 player on the dash.

I Caught The Last 15 Minutes of the American Music Awards Tonight

And I learned (while I was "givin' it up" as instructed for the West Coast "boyz" Snoop Dogg and Akon) that (1) the well dressed black man is now having his tie hit him several inches above the belt (Michael Irvin has been throwing down this look on ESPN) and (2) strippers are apparently OK on ABC.


It's Thanksgiving, Kramer is in trouble, and this very dumb episode of Seinfeld seems appropriate.

That Was A Chunk Of Change Back Then (And Still Is)

As we approach the Blue Ray vs. HD-DVD battle (the format for high definition DVDs), us old-timers can recall the Betamax vs. VHS wars. I'm going to guess this ad was around 1986.

Listen To What?

Just a funny quote this weekend from Florida State coach Bobby Bowden about Internet rumors and the press. I, personally, never listen to Ebay. The Google, yeah, but not Ebay.

The Sanctity of Marriage

I find that figure amazing. And think how high it would be if abortion was illegal.

I'm Thankful

Post It Notes Video

Uploaded by sabo-tage
Not much worth posting out there today. But this thing had a bit of a dark ending, so it became worthy.

News Flash From Channel 5 This Morning

Massive difference in the temperature between Decatur and Bridgeport proves global warming.


Git Out The Way, Git Out The Way

The highlight of this clip (which is very brief) comes at 00:19 when the reporter gives a serious shoulder to an Ohio State fan. My favorite part of the clip may come at the end when the studio female host says she has been to many "sports games." (The whole clip is less than 60 seconds.)

I Wonder If Brad Pitt Ever Has Second Thoughts

The Top Speed Traps

Well, on Fox 4 News tonight Runaway Bay didn't make the list but Rhome did. (The survey was based upon the amount of speeding fines collected divided by the number of residents).

Maybe Texas Should Put A Sign Up That Reads . . .

"We hate Mexicans." First the Farmer's Branch city council decides to punish all of those in their city that hire illegal immigrants or rent them an apartment. I hope every employer that hires illegal immigrants flees the City of Farmer's Branch and thereby crippling it's economy. And then Tyler state Rep. Leo Berman (of the Tyler, Texas Bermans, I think) introduced legislation to be considered in January that would prevent U.S.-BORN children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools or receiving any social services. Uh, hey, idiot, if your born in the U.S. you are a United States citizen.

Best Buy . . .

. . . won't be using "Merry Christmas" at Christmas. Let the boycott, in Christian love, begin. I'll boycott them, too, unless they are selling something I want to buy.

Lindsay? Paris? You Girls OK?

Now That Is Horrible

This bus went off the overpass in Huntsville, Alabama today killing two. It's amazing more weren't killed. Can you imagine the horror of seeing that thing go off the side of the bridge? Aerial shots here and here.

I Found My New Trial Suit

Kramer Loses It

This will probably hit the news shows over the next couple of days. Michael Richards lost it on stage this weekend and shouted the "n word" at some hecklers. AP has the story here. Youtube.com has it here. (And it is triple offensive for language.) The whole thing is completely bizarre.

The Traffic Control Signal . . .

. . . by McDonald's in Decatur stays green for about four seconds. Uggggghhhh.

Speed Traps

Fox 4 News will do a segment tonight on the areas "10 Worst Speed Traps." Place your bets. I'm putting down $10 on Runaway Bay to make the list.


Bad Parenting - Part 2

I don't know anything about the pic. It may be a fake gun. I have no idea. But I warn you might be get a little uneasy looking at this.

Boyd's Own . . .

. . . Greg "The Hammer" Williams was on Channel 4 tonight. The pocket handkerchief earns him a post.

Fox 4 News Covers the Dog Shooting In Runaway Bay

(27 seconds.)

NASCAR School of Parenting

Youtube clip is here. Warning: Extreme (and I mean extreme) language. But it you ever want to see why some kids never have a chance, check it out.