Is That The Mach 5?

A faithful reader sends in this small cell phone pic from the Bridgeport parade.


Great Sports Illustrated Photo

Notice the bat. Click to enlarge.

Edit a faithful and connected reader emails: "The baseball bat photo you posted was taken by Star-Telegram staffer Ron Jenkins and ran in the S-T last year."

"Yeah. 220 . . . 221. Whatever it takes."

Decatur suffered a power surge/short at around 2:10 p.m. From the courthouse to Walmart, the power went out for a second.

It was like a rolling blackout that wasn't really a blackout and really didn't roll.

Ranger Rumble From Last Night. Good Times.

Time Waste

Name every NFL team in six minutes.

I froze on four of them.

(And apparently a krillion "name the" games here.)


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- "State Sen. Florence Shapiro of Dallas is considering setting up an exploratory committee to run for the U.S. Senate in anticipation of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison running for governor." That nutcase has done so much damage in the Texas Legislature that I'd like to see her in Congress. At least she'd be neutralized there.
- I still think the evidence was ridiculously insufficient to convict Scott Peterson.
"Facebook on Thursday reached a user safety agreement with the attorneys general of 49 states and the District of Columbia." Who was the State not to sign on because the measures weren't "tough enough"? Texas. The real reason: The Texas Attorney General, who shall remain nameless, wanted his name publicized.
- 91% off the price of Microsoft Office Ultimate if you can snag an .edu email address.
- The Gin Blossoms performed at Mayfest in Fort Worth last week. I used to love the Gin Blossoms (but I get tired of every group eventually.)
- Doing anything on October 5, 2013? Notre Dame will play football at the new Cowboy stadium on that date. (They were supposed to play Baylor there but some screwy contract rule caused the game to be moved, oddly, to New Orleans.)
- John McCain's wife is smoking hot. (And she's older than 25!!!)
- Every time I catch a little of the "Reno 911" movie on cable, I laugh.
- The "fake rape" lady made bond pending appeal yesterday. All the news stations say she is eligible for parole after 1/2 of her 5 year sentence. I think that's wrong. I think it's 1/4 time including good time.
- Jessica Alba "Hey, Now" before she messed up and decided to bring a sweet baby into the world.
- Worth a giggle: This three and half minute interview with some Desperate Housewife gal by a WFAA reporter. The lug nuts go flying at the 1:27 mark.
- Honor Society Students?: Three kids near Houston remove a skull from a grave and use it for a bong. Obviously we need to toughen those skull bong laws. Edit: We got pictures.
- Terry Bradshaw has a hot daughter?
- Ex-UT running back Cedric Benson on the lake before his BWI arrest last weekend. He's very Wise County: He likes beer and white women. (Source)

I've Hit The Big Time

And I also got a revised Nigerian email today which was much more "Godly" than I had seen in the past. Some poor woman who was dying of cancer (and who didn't want to remarry after the death of her husband and didn't want to have a child outside the bounds of matrimony) wanted me to handle her $2.5 million.

I'm luckier than Eight Belles.

Nice Catch. Happy Mother's Day.

(Thanks, Thomas.)

Somebody Teach Me About Going Rates


I've never practiced Oil and Gas law, and the only thing I remember about the course from 20 years ago at Baylor Law School is that "1/8th" is involved a lot. Like I always say, if there is not an Indictment (or Information) involved, I don't know much about it.

So what's the going rate if a guy from Devon comes up to me and wants to drill on my 100 acres that I hold the oil and gas rights to? (Which, by the way, is a complete fantasy - much like the one I have with Natalie Portman.)

Uh, You Crooks Pay No Attention To This

Dallas Morning News story.

OK, One Last "Drug" Post . . . Then I'll Give It A Rest

This lady was called for jury duty in Houston. The trial to be heard: Possession of marihoochie. Then the panel took a break.

Oh, no.

Uh, she seems fair to me.

Just saw that the Drug War . . .

. . . was breaking out all over the place.

- Barry via mobile.

Not So Breaking News

A commenter mentioned and the Update is reporting that we've got a fatality at 920 and 114 in Bridgeport. The lady was headed east on 920.

As busy as that intersection is, I don't recall many wrecks there over the years.

Mother's Day And Violence

I've earlier praised the greatness of Gmail but it has one creepy function. Some very subtle ads appear on the side of the page but there is no question some type of computer program scans your emails for keywords and then tries to guess the relevant subject matter for the ads.

A moment ago, these ads popped up on the side.


Thursday Morning Random Thoughts

- Channel 4's Clarice Tinsley, in reporting on the storm in Collin County, said at 10:03 p.m. last night, "One resident estimated the winds at 60 miles per hour." Really? That's your source? "One resident?"
- I gave 30 hours of my life to the audiobook, "The Fountainhead." I'm in the process of formulating a very angry and hot sports opinion about it.
- I still don't care about the Dallas Stars. The Rangers have won 7 of their last 10. And it is 114 days until the first college football Saturday.
- I don't know how Mike Synder and Jane McGarry of Channel 5 have jobs.
- The Cowboys are allowing HBO's "Hard Knocks" back in their training camp this summer. Good times. NFL Films puts out a lot of junk, but that show is pretty good.
- I think almost all of us never do anything significant with our lives.
- I wasn't the only one thinking the San Diego State drug bust was silly.
- Running for president would be a beating of biblical proportions.
- Have you ever watched one of the DFW infomercials for a car dealership on one of the Spanish channels? Talk about scantily clad women.
- I loved "Speed Racer" as a kid, but that new movie looks a little odd.
- Tony Romo tried to pull a "Tin Cup" and qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament but, as is history in football, he didn't get past the first round. (That observation, and some that are pretty funny, are in the comments section of this story in the DMN.)
- June Cleaver has been voted "Favorite TV Mom" in the history of ever. My vote for hottest TV mom would go to Laura Petrie.
- Boring news: Russia's new president Dmitry Medvedev is sworn in. Interesting news: They actually have a ceremony where they hand him a briefcase containing the nuclear codes. (Saw it on Today Show.)

Tornado/Emergency Sirens Going Off . . .

. . . in Decatur at 4:51 p.m. If that's a test, it's bad timing.

It's Tough Carrying The World's Burdens On Our Shoulders

Individuals with conservative ideologies are happier than liberal-leaners, and new research pinpoints the reason: Conservatives rationalize social and economic inequalities.

Preach on, bruther.

My Crack Weather Staff Is On The Situation

And a prediction of 90 degrees on Saturday?

Email From Yesterday

Hey Barry, I was just at Wal-Mart in Decatur about an hour ago and I saw an old lady and man standing with a sign that read "trade for gas" the lady was holding the sign and the man had a teddy bear. Have you heard anyone else say anything about this? Send your newsteam out to cover the situation!

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- The person in the brown shirt in the background reminds me of "Pat" from the old Saturday Night Live skit.
- Did ya see the pics of the administration building on fire from Our Lady Of The Lake in San Antonio? What a beautiful building. When I was a kid, I remember getting junk make from that school.
- The War on Drugs claimed the careers of 76 students at San Diego State yesterday. I'm sure they would have been nothing more than junkies in the alley had not our government come to the rescue.
- They even gave it a cool name: "Operation Sudden Fall." Makes me feel better.
- "According to a 2007 study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, nearly half of the nation's 5.4 million full-time college students abuse drugs or alcohol at least once a month."
- In other news, former drug addict Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers leads the majors in RBIs.
- "Sorry I Missed Your Party is a blog that scours Flickr and finds amusing photos from random people’s parties."
- Everyone tells me this morning that Obama will be the Democratic nominee after yesterday's elections. Where do I get my bumper sticker?
- Campaign sign in Weatherford: "Vote McLaughlin -- A Man Who Stands for Christ and the People."
- An Elisha Cuthbert, "Hey, now."
- I predict storms today for Bridgeport at 11:15, Decatur at 11:24, and Slidell at 11:33.


In Honor Of The Bad Weather


Bad wreck at 114 exit off northbound 287 in Rhome.

Barry (from mobile)

Edit: And those were some dark clouds driving into Rhome:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- Did you see the hallway scene in the Tarrant County Courthouse after the "fake rape" lady was sentenced to five years in the hoosegow? (Crazy case: She's boinking a guy in his car when her husband arrives. She yells "rape!" Husband shoots and kills the guy. Husband doesn't get charged, but she gets prosecuted for "recklessly" causing the guy's death.) Her kids were crying and screaming in the hallway. Understandably so. That, my friends, was some tension.
- And the prosecutor, who just happen to be black like the defendant, implied that the victim's family also wasn't happy with the five year sentence. This is one where everyone walks away frustrated and unsatisfied.
- And I shouldn't have watched that before I went to bed: I had the most vivid dream of being sentenced to one year in the State Jail. They made me a trustee, but I was going crazy by day 2.
- The new Super Logo doesn't have a six shooter in it, but does have the very odd words "North Texas" at the top. Go Mean Green!!!
- The Myanmar cyclone death count is up to 15,000. How does that happen? Safe to say They don't get Pete Delkus in Myanmar. Edit: 50,000?
- I don't know why anyone would want to be a County Commissioner or a School Board member.
- CBS has announced that the price for a thirty second Super Bowl ad next year will be $3 million
- In the Valley of Elah is great. And the final scene of hoisting the flag spoke volumes regarding the current Administration.
- When I was a kid at Bridgeport Jr. High, our U.S. flag on the outside pole was actually flown upside down by mistake one morning. And a motorist came in to correct the error. Word spread like wildfire.
- And I liked this refreshing bit from the "Extras" section of the Elah DVD. Tommie Lee Jones: "The director liked my character in the beginning of the movie more than I did." Interviewer: "What do you think now?" Jones: "(Puzzled.) What I think doesn't matter. My job is to play the role the way the director tells me to."
- Yeah, I actually add to this list when I get to work.


I'm Turning Into The Update For A Moment

Ok, I don't want to be a community bulletin board but I promised I'd post the following (and it's for a good cause): I was wondering if you would be willing to publicize our upcoming blood drive! It’s a two-part drive, with one half on Tuesday, May 20th from 4-8 pm and the other half on Thursday, May 22nd from 8am-noon. The drive is through the Red Cross and will be held in the DHS practice gym. Those that donate on Tuesday will be given a free ticket to the DHS powder puff football game right around the corner that same night! We need at least 100 units to win a $1,000 prize. The money will be used as a scholarship in Shane Eichthaler’s name and given to a member of his graduating class. Contact Emily Arnold at Decatur High School if interested.

A Little Shock Value

It's the "Montana Meth Project" - whatever that is. See more here (site is a little tricked up - they area all on the left hand side. And some are pretty darn shocking.)

Edit: And then some wise guy has to trick 'em up for college football fans. Good times.

Left Over "Spin" Material

The Messenger had a story last week on one the hybrid vehicles that staff members ran around in for a week or so. This paragraph jumped out at me. Not sure if people buying them are that concerned with the cost of gasoline.

Made Me Laugh

I don't know anything about soccer other than it's played by little kids in front of parents who woke up at 6:00 a.m. so they could watch said youngsters. But in some country far, far away the game is played by adults for fun. Which gives rise to this clip. I think a penalty kick is involved (which we Americans would refer to as a "free shot.") But I didn't know you could kick the rebound if given the opportunity - an opportunity that is very inadvisable.

Lawyer Tension

This won't interest most of you without an interest in the legal profession: You do not want to appear at oral argument on an appellate case and have the following happen to you in the court's written opinion: Link. PDF file. Go straight to page 14. (Or check out this for a more explanation.)

And Another

But I'm really worried about this one: She turned herself in after some over-the-clothes fondling fearing that it would only become worse.

Alleged Victim: 16-year-old student in the English as a Second Language program.

Verdict: Jail time for being stupid for blowing the whistle on herself . . . .Oh, wait . . . it's Cinco De Mayo. Motion for New Trial granted. Probation imposed.

Next case.

Country Music Entry

I was in Dillard's looking for ties (which isn't near as fun as it should be) and I heard some song over the speakers with the lyrics "when the stars go blueeeeeeeeeeeee." I looked it up when I got home and bought it. I've got the Tim McGraw version but I'm not sure the one I heard in the store was that, uh, country.

And later I somehow got stuck listening to Brooks & Dunn's "God Must Be Busy." I'm not sure I understood it. With the exception of a line randomly thrown in about a kidnapped girl being found, it didn't seem very God and Country like.

The Story?

Saw this big house under construction off of Old Decatur Road north of Decatur. But it doesn't look like a lot of work is going on. (Yep, crappy pics.) But nice gate - had a working fountain.


Random Monday Night Thoughts

- Cops not liked by Mexican soccer fans - (link goes to quick video at break.com.)
- Better pic of the teacher fired in Florida.
- Iron Man made a ton of money over the weekend: $100,750,000
- Hey, now which involves a horse. (Hey, it's in honor of Kentucky Derby weekend.)
- I'm not sure I'd be posing for a picture if this happened to me.
- They tell me that the Dallas Stars won their playoff series last night with a goal at 1:20 a.m. I didn't watch a second of it.
- Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo for $47 billion. Yahoo said "no" this weekend. Watch Yahoo's stock price here.
- The logo for the Super Bowl in Dallas will be unveiled this morning. Please don't have a Cowboy hat anywhere in it.
- Dallas DA Craig Watson caused a lot of commotion this weekend calling for criminal sanctions for prosecutors who withhold evidence. It'll never happen and it's sad that such a proposal even has to be considered. (And check out logic-challenged ADA Stacey Brownlee who thinks defense lawyers should be obligated to turn over evidence that will convict their clients.)
- Random college reporter from Liberty Baptist. I can't say "Hey, Now" about anything involving Liberty Baptist.
- Edit: A faithful reader sends this youtube clip of a fake Hannah Montana / Vanity Fair photo-shoot (which could offend some viewers.)

Horses Race. Horse Dies.


And in completely unrelated news, former Evil Empire running back Cedric Benson was arrested last night for Boating While Intoxicated near Austin. That should be large Boating While Intoxicated because he was on his 30 footer.