Most Excited Wife In NFL Draft History

Russell Wilson of Wisconsin goes to the Seattle Seahawks.

Saturday Morning News I Just Watched

I can't fight this feeling anymore in my ears.

Very Random Photo

I'm not admitting that I snapped that pic at the Fair Park Music Hall. I'm not. Really. Even if I felt like Andy Warhol on his best day, I wouldn't take a picture like that. I don't even like modern art. Really.

How those Rangers doing?

(That's kinda cool, isn't it?)


Messenger Above The Fold

Oklahoma City Thunder Girls Taking You Into The Weekend

Flying Wire From Lawnmower Gives Stephenville Girl's Neck The What For

 That's no black tube. That's a wire! Three inches of
which you do not see!
Gratuitous Pic Of Momma


We Got A Manhunt Going On

Cops searching for someone in Wise County in a field. Helicopter in use.


Edit @ 11:26: Sounds like someone was breaking into a trailer but discovered by owner. Burglar then ran into the woods.  Cops using dogs now.  A female has been detained (not sure how she is connected.)  Cops seem to be enjoying this chase.

Edit @ 11:38.  County Law got their man!


Edit: Those comments were even funnier. Finally found the back story on the pic here. (There's even a video of the fall and some links where people are already tricking the photo up.)

The NFL Network On The Biggest Off Season Night Of The Year

For a league with a gazillion dollars, you'd think they'd have their act together.  Especially at the beginning of the show.

Roger Goodell will have everyone responsible hung by their thumbs by noon.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure I understand the charges against a lawyer who used to work for a well known delinquent tax collection law firm that Wise County uses.
  • Commissioner Roger Goodell with a very uncomfortable hug at the NFL draft last night. I can't stand that guy.
  • If you ever catch a foul ball, be sure to scan the crowd for someone more deserving of the ball unless you want to be on the news the next day. Sheesh.
  • Paraphrasing from this: Using the services of illegal aliens and then complaining about illegal aliens is like complaining that your drug dealer is breaking the law. 
  • Wise County hasn't had a big crime story in months. 
  • I wonder what the status is of the murder case out of Paradise that went down last August? I keep hearing rumors of a torture basement. 
  • Our office had one of its windows broken by a rock thrown by a weedeater. I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often. 
  • The Sheriff of Wichita County, Texas is named David Duke? (But I'm not sure how many people will get the reference.) 
  • I don't understand how some sports writers are so cocky. I think it would be a humbling experience to wait in a locker room just to get a quote from a 23 year old. 
  • I think Sport Illustrated's Peter King brings a big of nothing. 
  • During ESPN's draft coverage last night, Jon Gruden kept referring to many of the players chosen as being a "tremendous athlete." Hey! They are first round NFL picks!!! They are all fantastic athletes. 
  • Two employees "overdosed" on K2 at the Sonic in Justin. That's what happens when you don't take pride in your tater tots.
  • I made a Kasey Casem joke after the death of Dick Clark and Don Cornelius. Wow: He turns 80 today. (What was that corny segment called on America's Top 40 where he would read a request from listeners? Edit: "Long Distance Dedication"?)
  • Mrs. LL got mad at me for not wanting to drive an hour tomorrow morning to run a 5K with her. 


NFL Draft Thoughts

  • That's Aggie QB Ryan Tannehill's wife. The Miami Dolphins drafted him in the first round. When his head hits the pillow tonight, he'll say "Ka-Ching". 
  • Jessica Simpson?
  • Baylor: RG3 at #2 and Kendall Wright at #20. Excited for Baylor? Yes. Real thought? Please come back!
  • No UT player in the first round. That explains a lot. 
  • When the Cowboys drafted the LSU cornerback in first round, I mistakenly thought it was the Honey Badger. Excitement trampled. 
  • I hate Chris Berman
  • I didn't get to watch the first two hours of the draft because I was running the scoreboard at a softball game. Flawlessly, I might add. 
  • The new Collective Bargaining Agreement has quite the impact: Two years ago OU's Sam Bradford, the first overall pick in the 2010 draft, got a six year deal worth about $78 million, and $50 million of that was guaranteed. Tonight's first pick, Andrew Luck of Stanford, will probably receive a four year deal for $22 million. No reason to cry, but it's just another brick in the player v. owner wall.

Courtney Stodden Found The Grocery Store

In other news:

Michelle Hunziker Pick Me Up

Jack County Trial

Found out a former Jacksboro police officer was convicted of stealing a few gallons of gas from the city about five years ago. His defense was that he was trading five gallons of gas to a confidential informant for information in a drug investigation. Apparently, there was no evidence to corroborate that.

The sentence was six years probation and a $5,000 fine.

There was a special prosecutor, Bruce Isaacks, from Denton. The defense lawyer was Shay Isham out of Stephenville with the firm of Glasgow, Taylor, Isham and Glasgow.

Edit: Trying to get a clarification on how much was allegedly stolen.

Edit: Wordkyle said this had a "Tulia" feel to it. I know what he's talking about but, then again, I read a book on the Task Force scandal in Tulia. The undercover cop at the heart of it all had an allegation of gas stealing while an officer in his past.

Girl From The Ring Throws Out First Pitch In Japan

No wonder Yu Darvish got out of there. Those Japanese are tricking up their baseball.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I set a new record with my Baseball Return Net last night: 25 consecutive throws and catches. (But I'm standing so close to the dang thing that it's comical.) I also realized I'm the only one in the house who uses it. 
  • C.J. Wilson lost last night. (But it wasn't his fault.) That brings the Angels to a 6-12 record and 8 1/2 games behind the Rangers. The last time they started that poorly they won the World Series. Seriously.
  • What a horrific assault yesterday in Dallas. And Fox 4 had a video of how it started. 
  • It's NFL Draft Day. Remember when the NFL hated the word "draft" and tried to go with "Selection" instead? And it's Jerry Jones' 23rd draft. Wow.
  • If Vince Young and RG3 had been in the same draft class, I don't know who I would have taken first. 
  • I still have the "Three second rule" song stuck in my head. 
  • The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a case involving Arizona's controversial immigration law. Most of the news focused on how the Court seemed to not have any issue with the law's "show me your papers" provision once someone is stopped by the cops based upon a reasonable suspicion of some type of criminal violation. Everyone forgets that the law was originally controversial because it allowed the cops to stop someone and asked to see proof of citizenship even if that person was not suspected of any crime. 
  • Mrs. LL has started a book that might have "Fifty" in the title. 
  • A Texas lawmaker (Democrat) and plaintiff's lawyer has been arrested for soliciting clients.
  • When I receive the Yellow Pages, it goes straight to the recycle bin. And my law partner and I have decided to pull our ad out of it this year completely. 
  • The Family Cat now sleeps on top of the covers near my feet. I don't know if that means anything.
  • I know nothing about the case of a mother of five sentenced to life in prison when her four year old mysteriously died of salt poisoning, but a Texas prosecutor was grilled this week about her actions in the case. 
  • I heard the Black Keys are the "band of the moment". I'm not sure I've heard one of their songs. Edit: Emailer told me to watch this to educate myself.

This American Life

  • People checking out the big screen instead of action on field
  • Hot girl wants picture taken with ball she just got
  • Guy with ever ready camera obliges
  • No one pays attention to the kid.
Edit: Video


Edit: This little girl, on the other hand, just Manned Up


Viral Image Of The Day


Joel Olsteen Getting All Inclusive

As a side note, I wonder if he plugged a new book while being interviewed by Blitzer?

I Don't Even Know This Country Anymore

You mean a girl can't wear a confederate flag dress to a prom in . . . Tennessee?

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The arrest of Deion's wife reminded me of some audio I heard back in February of her and a family member fighting within the home. I don't know why the press didn't run with it because it was pretty entertaining.
  • Both Deion and his wife are crazy. But she's crazier than he is. 
  • You don't like seeing the words "motorcycle" and "barbed wire fence" in the same sentence. (Messenger report from last night.)
  • The DA's office is in trial over in Jacksboro, but I have no idea what the case is about. I'll find out. Or someone will tell us in a second. 
  • Speaking of Jacksboro, we didn't hear much about their elected County Clerk who abruptly quit her job and moved away. An interim County Clerk was appointed last month. 
  • Yu Darvish was fantastic last night. (And I think the coolest thing might have been a 69 mph curve ball in the 8th inning.)
  • Sign in the stands: "And tonight I'm loving Yu." 
  • But did you see that segment with Jim Knox where he interviewed the gal in the stands who had Shrill Voice? (I'm looking for the video which is hard to find because the MLB Nazis take everything down. But if you hear it, it'll make your ears bleed.) 
  • Big brake job repair yesterday on Mrs. LL's Gangsta Mobile. Ugh. 
  • Fox 4 had a segment last night, complete with an in-studio doctor, on the phenomenon of kids drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk. They ended the segment informing us that their have been no reported cases in DFW this year.
  • I watched the new Julia Louis-Dreyfus show, Veep, last night and didn't laugh much. But I was also falling asleep. 
  • At this point I would link to a story about Grapevine Mills Mall, Legoland, and a very offensive Tinkerbell tattoo, but it's so shocking I can't even bring myself to do it. It's up to you if you're so inclined. 
  • Former WBAP host Mark Davis, who still doesn't have a radio job, was a guest host for the Rush Limbaugh show last week. At one point, he spent over a minute promoting a book by his "very close friend" and Evangelist James Robison. Two thoughts: (1) I still think he is going to go into the religion business, and (2) I doubt if Limbaugh's producers appreciate the free advertising he gave away. 
  • Mrs. LL's girls softball team has had two of her last three games come down to two outs, full count, bases loaded. They are 1-1 in both games which ended in strikeouts. It's big time entertainment. 
  • "Hot dog, yep, that's me. There's no shame in my game." - Detroit Judge Wade McCree after being confronted by a reporter with a shirtless photo of himself that he sent to a subordinate. Idiocracy.
  • I've paid just a little bit of attention to former players suing the NFL over the issue of concussions. But I was surprised to see Randy White and Bob Lilly join the fray yesterday. There's an Us vs. Them sentiment brewing in the NFL.


Messenger Above The Fold

Something You Guys Might Like

There's a movie coming out called "Bernie" starring Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey based upon this fascinating 1998 Texas Monthly article about the murder of a wealthy widow in Carthage, Texas. This month's Texas Monthly has an article (I haven't read yet) about how for over 10 years they've been trying to turn that dark and grisly story into a comedy. They've finally done it.

And if you read the original article, you'll want to visit this site afterwards. It has pictures.

The Arlington PD Can Use Drones?

WASHINGTON - It's widely known that the military has employed drones to help in the war against terrorism, but there may be a lot of other drones flying around the U.S.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently released lists of organizations, agencies and manufacturers that have sought authorization to fly drones . . . .

The first full list, available [here], also includes police departments in several states.

That story was published today. If authentic (and I'm reading it correctly), I'd think that's newsworthy for the metroplex.

(Thanks for the tip.)

Edit: Well, it looks like the news covered the PD's application for the use of drones last year. I guess the news is that they were approved.

Just Had A Scene Break Out By The Tarrant County Justice Center

Still trying to figure out what he was running from -- besides County Law.

Edit: The story.

Edit: More bizarre account.

Random Friday Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A popular song/commercial ("Oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling") actually has the female vocals pulled from this old song. I thought it was Adele.
  • Mrs. LL loves her new glasses so much she replaced her Facebook profile pic to show them off. (The photo she replaced had me in it with her. Hey!!!)
  • A Texas couple was awarded $13 million in Fort Worth in a defamation suit against people who thought they were posting anonymously on the web.
  • I actually saw Nolan Ryan pitch with Pudge Rodriguez catching in the old Arlington Stadium. I'm not sure I appreciated what I was seeing at the time. (Rodriguez throwing the ceremonial first pitch from the plate to second was really cool last night.)
  • There's a "UIL Lone Star Cup" and Decatur is currently sixth?
  • I think Deion Sanders house in Prosper has been on the market forever. I remember a few years back he lowered the price to $21 million. There's probably a pretty small pool of potential buyers. 
  • And remember Noel Devine? He was the football star of the future about five years ago who Sanders brought to Prosper to "mentor"  but then, being 18, left suddenly and without notice to return to Florida. He actually had a pretty good career with West Virginia but, after not being drafted, he walked out on the Philadelphia Eagles who had signed him as a free agent last year. 
  • For what it's worth, I'm censoring most of Big Tex's comments. I do declare we understand certain beliefs that he holds. 
  • An Alvord pharmacy was burglarized last night. You'd think, with the growing addiction to pain killers in this country, that would happen far more often. 
  • There have been few politicians fall as fast and hard as former Democratic golden boy John Edwards. His criminal trial began yesterday. 
  • I'm not sure which nickname for Mitt Romney will stick more: Gordon Gekko or Thurston Howell III.
  • Other than jewelry, does the average person own anything made out of gold? 
  • How long could the average Lockheed Martin worker strike before it begins to really hurt financially? The Union provides some income during the strike, doesn't it?
  • I'll say it: It's getting too hot too fast.


Can This Marriage Be Saved? Nope.

Deion Sanders is live tweeting an assault on himself. #WheelsOff

Edit: Oh, man! I completely missed that his chair has cup holders built in! Prime Time, indeed!!!

Edit: Mug Shot. Hey, now.

Sofia Vergara Back In The Day

She was a model in COlumbeeya before becoming an actress.

“That’s how the game go. I got too many baby mamas. I did this to myself, you know. Straight up, you know,”

If you missed Fox 4's interview with the Dallas chase suspect from last week, you missed a good one. However, a certain line from the movie Airplane comes to mind.

Lawyer Ego Winner

I don't know who Bryan Garner is. I've never even heard of this guy. But apparently he writes books and gives seminars on legal writing. I know this because I just got a flashy seminar pamphlet in the mail offering three seminars from from him costing $295 to $385 each or all three for $795.  

What a deal!! But you know what the real selling point is? For signing up for all three I have a chance to win a Bryan Garner Bobblehead!!

Very Random Twitter Cover Picture Observation

Former Dallas Morning News sportswriter and Ticket weekend show host Jean-Jacques Taylor has a new menacing pic for his Twitter account. He's like the Unabomber. Even has a little reflection in one of the lenses.

Edit at commentor's request:

Unrelated edit: These guys both work for ESPN Dallas? Cat fight!!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Crazy Texas Mommy got married over the weekend.
  • I sneezed while walking to my car the other morning. I then got a text message that read, "Bless you."
  • Mrs. LL bought one of those backstops which is supposed to propel the ball back to you if you can hit it.  Those are cheaply made, but a couple of tree stakes to secure it to the ground did the trick. (Me = Genius.)
  • My consecutive throw-and-catch-in-the-air record now stands at 16. It's harder than you think. 
  • Man, you've got to see that Ron Artest elbow throw from yesterday. (Replay at the 1:00 mark.) Wow.
  • I bought a replacement weedeater head that doesn't spool but uses two short lines instead. Worked like a charm.
  • The Hunger Games continues to dominate the box office. My household might be responsible for a great deal of it. (But, no, I haven't seen it.)
  • Weirdness continues: Baylor's baseball team swept the Aggies this weekend bringing their win streak to 23.
  • Barry Switzer used to tell top recruits: "If you come here next year, Oklahoma will win a National Championship. If you don't come here, Oklahoma will still win a National Championship."  He's one of my favorite guys to listen to being interviewed.
  • Drives me nuts when reporters tweet, "I'll be interviewing [so and so] at noon. What questions would you like for me to ask?" Hey, you're the reporter.
  • How did the Doobie Brothers get away with being named the Doobie Brothers?
  • Another person who lived on my street where I grew up died over the weekend. Depressing. 
  • There are still more facts to learn, but I'm thinking the prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case has bitten off more than she can chew.
  • "Drunk Driver Sentenced To Wear Sign Saying He Killed A Man."  Sheesh. The story should be "Houston Judge Seeks Publicity."
  • Sports Prediction: The Mavericks won't see Round Two of the Playoffs. 
  • Somehow I stumbled upon  “Khloe and Lamar” over the weekend with the episode dealing with Lamar being depressed after being traded to the Mavericks. If that show is ever 10% true, he's the biggest baby in the history of ever. 
  • Mrs. LL got some librarian looking glasses.