This Woman Drives Me Insane

Dr. Laura has driven me crazy for years. She constantly berates any mother who places her child in daycare and always says, in no uncertain terms, that a single mother should never date until her children are grown. Why? Children are emotionally fragile and need 100% of our attention or else they won't turn out to be well rounded and healthy. What has always confused me is this: What if one of her callers was, in fact, one of those kids that didn't have the "perfect" upbringing, and, as a result, became emotionally screwed up? Why doesn't she cut them any slack? Isn't that what she predicts for the child not raised properly? Why does she berate people for not nurturing their kids in the way she demands, but could care less whether her caller was one of those kids not properly nutured? And by the way, you can pay $70 to hear her talk in Dallas in Arlington in October. Sheesh.