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Grandpa Goes Crazy After Court

Embedding failed. Link here. While most people will want to focus on what caused gramps to go ape crazy on the photographers (background here), as you know, I see the world in a different light. So . . . what is with that sissy photographer at the end of the clip? One second, the old man has an arm around you and you're looking all nonchalant, and the next second you're grabbing your chest like you're Fred Sandford about to go see Elizabeth*. Sheesh. Man Up, buddy. ___________ *Note to my younger readers: In the 1970s comedy series, Sanford and Son, Red Foxx played junkman Fred Sanford who would often fake a heart attack for a variety of reasons. When doing so, he'd always grab his chest, look up into the sky, and yell, "I'm coming to see ya, Elizabeth!" - a reference to his deceased wife.