Dominick Dunne Dead (A Day Late)

I really don't know anything about this guy other than he wrote a bunch of books I've never read. But I do know he was obsessed with the first O.J. Simpson trial, and he's always been famous to me as the guy who was in the audience after the verdict was announced -- mouth wide open the entire time. (He's the one above with, uh, his mouth open.) Uh, oh, ADHD has kicked in: The day the Simpson verdict was to be announced, I went to lunch at the now defunct Mattie's in Decatur. The place was basically two sections in one big room. In the back section was a big screen TV and all of us in that section anxiously awaited the verdict to be read. You could have heard a pin drop. But I remember being astonished that the front section of the restaurant was packed with folks who could not have cared less about verdict. They just sat up there with their chicken fried steaks and sweet teas. I decided that day there are two different kind of people in this in this world, and I was glad I was part of the back room crowd.