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And To Think Once He Was A Little First Grader Heading Off To His First Day Of School

OMAHA, Neb.A Nebraska man who stole a painting of the Virgin Mary to finance an abortion for a teen he was accused of raping has been convicted of first-degree sexual assault and felony theft. I normally wouldn't dedicate a post to some crime in Nebraska, but it's been quite a while since the first sentence in a news story stopped me down like that. I understand all the Christian theology about salvation but, man, if this guy didn't punch his ticket to the Underworld with that series of crimes, then I don't know what would. But the story does have a positive side. If any of you out there have been feeling a little guilty about some big sin you've been engaged in, this guy has to make you feel a little better about yourself. Right?


Anonymous said...

I bet his mother didn't cry.

Jarhead said...

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

I'll bet he wants a re-do all over again.

Anonymous said...

Really, we can't just shoot, stone hang, and decapitate scum like this? Swiftly and publicly? Really? We're gonna pay money to house and feed him? Really? Are we this damn stupid?

Tolerance, my a$$. We could fix a lot of problems real quick with some common sense retribution.

Anonymous said...

You bet 3:34!!!

Next time you hear about somebody like this, you go string 'em up! I'll be right there with you.

Except don't look for me to be cheering when you find out you've just been punked, and it was all a big joke. Instead, look for me to be TESTIFYING as a WITNESS at your TRIAL, as a part of all that DUE PROCESS stuff that you'll be given for killing the innocent joker.

Anonymous said...


Common sense? Dallas has been able to convict 80+ innocent men only to be freed by DNA.

Sometimes all is not so simple.

Anonymous said...

HEY 4:08

Did you go read the article? Thought not. Wasn't any punking going on. The guy is the real deal. You pay for his due process. I want my money back.

Idiots like you got us into this mess. Maybe it'll be your daughter he does next.

Anonymous said...


Try doing a little math. What if we'd a fried those 80 innocents (I'm taking your numbers on faith)?
Follow me here. If in order to avoid that travesty we end up releasing 300 pieces of crap back into society (which is how it works when you err on the side of caution) and 1/3 of those victimize some other innocent citizen, well, you're behind on points doing it your way.

Hey, life isn't always real fair. Get over it. The math will get you where you need to be better than all that stupid liberal sentiment you want to believe in.

Anonymous said...

If DNA will save anyone on death row it certainly needs to be checked asap.Those that have admitted their crimes needs to be executed the following day.Don't go past go and no sundays off.DAGO

Anonymous said...

I love that, as an American citizen, a person is guaranteed the right to free speech even when the content of their speech indicates they have no understanding of the set of circumstances that provided them with the right.

If you only read one book this summer then I suggest this one; Democracy in America, by a Frenchman, published in 1835.

Anonymous said...

I do feel better about myself. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:58.

So you "know" this guy is the "real deal" HOW????

Because you 'read the article'!?!?!?

Because you read it on Barry's blog?

Are you kidding me????

Well now, I guess it WOULD simplify our lives if all we had to do was believe everything we read on the internet ... and then act upon those beliefs with things like lynchings, huh.

Or maybe, since the earth is like, flat, you know ... we could just throw the bad guys off the edge?

Anonymous said...

Sin is sin. No sin bigger than any other sin in the eyes of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Heck...that would even make a Peacock look good....

Anonymous said...

That does look like WK's pic, without the pipe.