I'm No Hero

We had a bit of false alarm this morning in the law office. Quick summary: I walked down the hallway with my coffee only to have my law partner point to the back door and whisper "get out." I gave him the "what's going on?" look only to have him quickly reply in a concerned and quiet voice, "just go!" Man, I went. So I walk out the back door and around the corner only to find the rest of the office staff already there. Like I said, it was a false alarm. Maybe we're all understandably on edge this week. But I was struck with how quickly my heart began beating after I had been told to leave when I had no idea what was going on. But I quickly thought about those who have been criticizing those at Virginia Tech for not trying to stop the gunman during his killing spree. I experienced 1% of their fear, and I had no thought other than self-preservation.