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It's Hard Out Here For A . . .

Random observations today: - Saw an inmate in the district courtroom get real mouthy with transport jailers - something I don't see very often. I'm proud to announce they did not drag him down the stairs to the police car. - Saw a twenty something year old actually spread out and go to sleep on a bench outside the courtroom (I got very close to taking a pic of him to post on here but, since he was on the criminal docket, that wouldn't be a good idea.) - Had to run to Fort Worth for a driver's license hearing for a DWI case (you have never seen so many cops in one room. ) Anyway, stopped at 7-11 for a coke on the way back only to get stuck in the longest checkout line in the history of ever. The checkout girl was yelling at the manager, "I wish everyone would quit telling me what to do!!!" Somebody needed to tell her to focus on the cash register.