And You Think I'm A Nerd

Some gal named Lesley Tellez writes about bars and clubs for the Dallas Morning News and its weekly magazine, Quick. That's her picture. She seems like a young, hip gal. Let me stress the word "seems". Here is some of her prose from her review (printed today in the DMN) of the bar "Tini" in Deep Ellum: But we didn't expect to see such a diverse crowd: middle-aged ladies who looked like they just came from work, a skater-dude with his hat to the side, a smartly dressed guy in a fedora, two clean-cut whippersnappers bobbing their heads, A Night at the Roxbury style. Most folks were chatting and doing their own thing. Did she say a guy looked good in a fedora? Did she use the term "whippersnappers"? We were getting ready to drink another X-Rated Tini [a martini]– mmm, grapefruit – when suddenly we heard it: The familiar opening strains of Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You." We yelled with glee and watched as a few other patrons broke it down on an impromptu dance floor near the door. "Broke it down"?