The Campaign For DA


Random Thoughts

- No Friday Morning Dance Off. My bad. - I saw a big "Bridgeport Discount liquor " sign on the back of a truck this morning heading to be installed - I saw that TABC ran a sting last night on Wise County liquor stores. Thank gawd we are not letting the terrorists win. - Microsoft intends to by Yahoo! for $44 billion which is a big deal but I'm not exactly sure why. - Someone told me I missed a doozy on one of the local news stations covering the Paradise fires. Apparently there was the sign on a door that read, "Excepting Donations." - Did you know it has been since 1976 that either "Bush" or "Clinton" did not appear somewhere on the presidential ticket? - The NFL is cracking down on churches having Super Bowl parties due to copyright issues. How are we supposed to worship without debating if that was pass interference? - Today is the 5 year anniversary of the Shuttle Columbia disaster over Texas. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. Not knowing anything had happened, I woke up and stumbled downstairs and turned on the TV. The screen immediately showed a cameras looking skyward with no graphics on the screen. The reporter was saying things like, "People have reported seeing streaks of light. Others said it looked like four or five streaks of smoke. But there appears to be nothing in the sky right now." For thirty to sixty seconds, I thought there had been an alien spaceship sighting.