The Campaign For DA


Notes From . . .

. . . paying Wise County property taxes in person on the last possible day to avoid penalties.

- There were lines.
- Hey, people, it helps if you have your tax bill with you with your check already prepared. Yeah, we're all slugs for waiting until the last day but at least we could be efficient slugs.
- It's never a good idea for crowd control to say, "I own a couple of pieces of property on Trinity. Could you look those up for me?" Power down.
- The appraisal district and the local tax office (yep, you have to go to both places) were running fairly efficiently.
- One elderly lady tried to cut in line. I was prepared to take her down if need be.
- One guy was informed he had some back taxes assessed against his property. He said that "should have been taken off so I ain't paying that." He then proceeded to pay the current tax bill in cash.
- Funniest line while we all waited, "I wish we could control the other end where this money goes out as much as we do this end."
- I smelled alcohol coming off of one guy.