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Texas Trifecta

Ok, enough fire talk. Here's the story on these three.

My internal criminal justice system is getting overloaded on this one.

Ok, the guy in the middle has got to go to jail. I really didn't even read the facts on his case but he's a male charged with a sex crime so obviously we need to lock him up, brand him a sex offender, and possibly parole him to Boonesville for the rest of his life.

The first girl definitely gets probation. Those pouty lips almost bring a tear to my eyes. And she kind of looks like the freaky little sister from Six Feet Under so we can't send her to jail.

The last one is a tough case. She looks a little rough but who among us has looked good in our book-in photo after being arrested for a crime that put into jeopardy our status with the Wise County Singles Club? But I think a few weeks at Curves and at Richard's Salon here in Decatur would probably whip her into shape. After several minutes of deliberations (and re-reading I Corinthians 13), probation it is.

Next case.