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Local Democrats Have Slogan



Anonymous said...

THUD! That's a promotional slogan? Uhh...I don't get it. Does it mean they got their heads out of the sand or what? Hot air rises? (((muttering)))

Anonymous said...

I can think of a lot of things to say, but this slogan doesn't make any sense or inspire anyone to vote Democratic.

Being a Democrat, there is only one local candidate I could support and he is the only incumbent running again for office.

With fewer candidates running this year, I can't see Democrats being out of the sand (whatever that means) and being on the rise.

So, I guess the view (whatever that means) will stay the same????

Anonymous said...

I don't think the group understands the history or what part of their slogan means or how it has been used.

It is as goofy as Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama to carry forward John Kennedy's legacy.

There is a fight for the heart of the Democratic Party being waged nation wide. Every twenty years the liberals try to take the Party further left.

It is being played out in the fight between Hillary Clinton, a centrist and Obama, extreme liberal. The far left is making another move to take over the Party, after Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition faiiled in 1988.

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and Ted Kennedy is going to be to Obama what Bill Clinton is for Hillary on the campaign trail.

Unfortunately, if Obama wins the nomination, Republicans will have another 8 years in the white house.

The left won't give up. It had rather loose the White House than loose power in the Party.

Anonymous said...

Messenger headline reads: Local Dems Make Even Less Sense Than Democrats At Large!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Where do I join up? I can see that slogan solidifying the democrats and bringing in droves of republicans, just like Kennedy's endorsement of Barack. Wow! THE KISS OF DEATH!

Hope you liberals enjoy your campaign. Don't plan a big victory feast.

Anonymous said...

Well, that went over like a pregnant pole vaulter.

Anonymous said...

One correction I might offer,7:42 I think you meant fortunately in paragraph #6.

Anonymous said...

John McCain will be president for 8 yr unless he dies in office. The democrats just can't get it right bless their hearts. We have endured a president elected by the supreme court and kept in office by 9/11 hysteria. Perhaps the most incompetent president ever, and the dems still can't win the office. Poor America! 20 people running for president and my choice would still be "none of the above."

One wonders what it will take to unite us to get something done. It appears it will have to be an event rather than a person.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dear 7:42. you lost your party to the left under FDR.
who told you Hillary is a centrist?

read the shi* she wrote in college or her health care plan. shes NOT a centrist, shes a socialist.

dont get me wrong, Obama is a socialist also but hes so weak, at least he wouldnt be able to do as much damage as Hillary could in 4 yrs.

remember it took Ford and Carter to give us Ronald Reagan.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Whew,thanks Democratic party, I was afraid I wouldn't get to use the words vapid and vacuous today. That was a close one!

Anonymous said...

They need to find a new sloganarian. That one made me feel tired ,not rallied.

Anonymous said...

A slogan would be something like "We're On The Rise" and play off that in their speeches and bumper stickers(ask me why etc.). What do you call that mess they've got going there? A rambling tirade?

gern blansten said...

Anon 7:42:

Hillary is a "centrist?" More like a fascist... lol

wants to take money from the rich people and spread it to the poor, deserving folks who are getting stomped on by the richer people... BOO-HOO!

sounds sort of like the U.S.S.R. to me...

Anonymous said...

8:37 I think the four or five could meet there, I don't think they live there.

Perhaps, they needed something to rhymn with Rise, so they used the slogan ending with Wise.

I wonder if the writer is autistic (liking sounds of words) or has the IQ of a piss ant!

The slogan is unique and very different!

bigfan said...


Anonymous said...

8:45 So a conservative would rather have Obama as President because he would be weak. A weak Commander-in Chief is preferred over a hawkish centrist? Let's hope you don't get your wish. A weak Commander-in-Cheif with a Muslim father and an atheist mother who went to school in Indonesia might give common sense people something to think about. At least people who are not blinded by hatred of Hillary.

rex the wonder dog said...

I am a republican and have to admit some sympathy for the democrat sordid state of political affairs. It must be painful to have to scrape up reasons to fall in behind renowned leaders like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary, Obama and Dianne Feinstein.

Having Ted Kennedy refer to Obama as a reincarnation of his brother, JFK, makes me shudder. I remember JFK very well. I remember how he committed air support to the brave Cuban patriots and took it away at the last minute, leaving hundreds of them slaughtered on the beachs of the Bay of Pigs and thousands more imprisoned. We need another supreme commander of that kind? Obama? Hillary?

I remember JFK as the commander in chief who took us to war to salvage a former piece of empire for France. The president who personally changed the mission of US Special Forces and committed them to the most deadly areas of war in Viet Nam as "super infantry". We lost hundreds of America's finest as a result.

Yes, Ted, I remember you too. You have forgotten her but lots of us remember your DWI that took the life of Mary Jo Kopechne when you had the means of saving her. Your family wealth and prestige corrupted local officials to make sure that no prosecution could result.

Are you sure, Ted, that you want us to recall our memories of the Kennedy's, the spoiled wealthy descendents of a millionaire criminal bootlegger?

Some of us do remember...we remember a lot.

Anonymous said...

Cue the banjo music.

Anonymous said...

Even the yellow hilighter effect is tiresome.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't find anything to rhymne with liberal weenie.

Anonymous said...

New slogan: Your Democratic Party: Celebrating over 200 years of making absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dems there's not much on the table in local elections this year, so lets rock the boat and vote for change. Vote um--Republican (cough, cough, choke, choke) and vote for change! It is time to oust a regime that has been bad for Wise County.

Crud Bonemeal said...

To 7:42 am:
That was freaking brilliant. I don't know if you are a democrat or a Republican, but that was a good analysis.
However, I have to say that it is wrong to believe that Hillary is a moderate democrat. She has tried to remake herself as a moderate for this election, but she is a left wing socialist leaning toward communism with her ideology. Having heard her speak and having read columns and articles about her, what she is showing America now is false. It is only a mask to trick her way into the oval office.
If the democrats want to change the view, they should pull their heads out and realize that Americans want to keep what they earn, and they do not want it forcibly divested from them.

RPM said...

Well, it beats the hell outa "We're gonna get our ass kicked again!"

A Betting Man said...

to Crud @ 11:28AM

7:42AM is a Dem, supporting Hillary, is a left winger, but considers him/herself as a moderate or "centrist", which, of course, he/she would not recognize if one kissed him/her on the face, would label a centrist something like a "moderate conservative", or possibly another label even further right of that. I betcha.

Anonymous said...

Way too much national presidential stuff. It just doesn't matter around here. Texas will vote for anyone or anything if it's Republican. That race is over in this state.

The one race I'm interested in is getting Joe Tison to eliminate Phil King. Is the Tison effort ever going to get going? I'm waiting to help.

Anonymous said...

Anyone calling Hillary a centrist is either very ill informed or a big fat liar liar,pants on fire,hanging from a telephone wire.

Tracy Smith said...

Dear Wise County Historians:

Many years ago, when they were trying to place the Wise County Seat, the voters had to choose where they would locate it. It was between A location near Sandflats or in Decatur. The Decatur Chamber came up with the slogan "Eighter from Decatur, County Seat of Wise. Do we want to build our courthouse in sand, or on the rise?" The Political Slogan Worked obviously. Today the slogan has been shortened to what we know today as, "Eighter from Decatur, the County Seat of Wise." Not many around the state or even the nation can say they havn't heard of that slogan when you mention Wise County, TX. Unfortunately, ex - Bitter Party officials are continuing to swiftboat other Democrats and hender efforts to unite and make the slogan popular to win again for the Democrats this time.

See, Anon 7:42 Former County Chair, we do know what it means. The President of WCAD has been a life long moderate Democrat in Wise County since he was born and has lived here all of his life. It is an appropriate Slogan and truly shows the depth of our Roots.

Thanks Barry for the knod and link to the web site. If we can't face our critics, then we shouldn't exist.

Denney Crane said...


Hilary is a centrist as a socialist...or an extreme left wing communist.... but she's only a moderate left wing liberal of the Democratic Party...

I can still see Bill meandering around the White House with nothing to do...

rex the wonder dog said...

Tracy Smith - Thanks for taking the time to explain the origins of the dem slogan. As someone not
100 years old or a Decatur native, it would have escaped me forever.

Although the expression may have historical significance, it sure isn't much of a "zinger" to get people's attention. We have become accustomed to quick, memorable commercial statements on TV. They sell things and that might be the intent of the party's slogan.

Even the teeth-grating ACTIVON ad is an example ... Dems are on a roll. "Roll it on where it hurts!" LOL!

Thanks again.


Hannity said...

Saying Hillary is a Socialist, or Communist makes about as much sense as saying Dooby Bush is a hardcore, Right Wing Nazi! Neither is exactly true, but Dooby may be closer to being a NAZI, or KKK Member, than Hillary is to being a Commie. This BullShit swings both ways Comrade, or Commie_rad, or Heil! if you please.
You know those Chinese Commies are pretty mean, and act more like hard core Conservatives than "Bleeding Heart Liberals." Same goes for "I can see it in his eyes" Putin's Russia. And there is nothing more "Conservative" than a Nazi. Conservatie extreme Skinhead's anyone?

Anonymous said...

That is one really stupid slogan. Decatur is only ONE Little red part of a Bigger Red Wise County.

Alternate Slogans:

Eighty From Decatur,
Hear Republican say "Oh My!",
WordKyle is just like Jesus,
American as REDASS WingNut Pie.

Liberal Haters from Decatur,
County seat of RED County Wise,
Home of Wingers that believe Rush and Hannity,
Never make up horseshit Lies.

Eighter From Decatur,
Demos do not have a spine,
They let Stupid Republicuns bully them, a
nd all they do is whine.

Politco Baiter from Decatur,
Barry's Blog teases all the time,
And makes both sides think a ittle,
And makes some wild asses on both sides unload and unwind.

Anonymous said...

That is one really stupid slogan. Decatur is only ONE Little red part of Wise County.

Eighty From Decatur,
Hear Republican Lies,
WordKyle is like Jesus,
American as REDASS WingNut Pie.

Liberal Haters from Decatur,
County seat of RED County Wise,
Home of solid Republican officials,
Make Horseshit with their lies.

mzchief said...

Since John McCain is CURRENTLY 71 years old, it is highly unlikely he would seek a second term in 2012. In statements McCain made on his website he indicates he will not think in two terms with regard to accomplishing his agenda for the United States. More than likely, McCain will select a POPULAR Republican to be VP and set them up as the incumbent nominee for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Anonymous said...

John McCain is a liberal weenie. Romney 08

Anonymous said...

Chupacabra anyone?

Anonymous said...

Michael Debakey is 99 years old and is still a surgeon.

Anonymous said...

2:01PM Dude, Sorry, can't go for Romney. More than one wife would just be too much. Can't afford it.