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Ok, this isn't earth-shaking, but I couldn't believe what these stooges are attempting to do in Mississippi to combat obesity. It would be funny if they were Republicans, which I would expect in Mississippi, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

Edit: But I think the bigger story may be the way the Mississippi legislator has its members pose for pics. Same background. Left shoulder slightly forward. Left hand over right wrist. That's good. Flash.


Anonymous said...

You will find that bi partisan effort no more stupid that the dietary rules that Texas has placed upon our public schools.

Anonymous said...


This is causing a big posting from blogs as well as Yahoo Groups. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING. If at all.


Anonymous said...

TACO BELL, MACDONALDS, ETC..take notice! No more drove-through meals in Mississippi! Every restaurant MUST have a scale and monitor before patrons can enter. Serving fat people will be a crime.

Places that serve booze can still allow people to get drunk and drive home.

Anonymous said...

In some ways, I can understand it. We're fat. And we don't do anything about it. Walk through a taxpayer supported hospital or county clinic in Mississippi and you'll see all the fat tubs of goo with diabetes, heart disease and the whole host of things a State like that just can't afford. And since the population in Mississippi (and other places) is mostly poor, they just expect us to pay for all that health care. Our society is fat and lazy. And we don't care. And we expect "magic dollars" to come from somewhere to pay for all the long term costs. Mississippi is tired of their fat, lazy people not contributing to the coffers but expecting someone else to care for all the consequences of their fat and lazy lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Really skinny people should be forced to eat double portions.

Anonymous said...

Chris at 11:25, you would have a lot more money over your working life if you didn't have to pay taxes to provide free health care for your fellow fat, lazy, rapidly reproducing, broke, uninsured "Americans". That's the basis of what they are thinking. As a people, we are totally helpless. We can't figure out how not to get pregnant, we can't figure out that drinking and driving doesn't work, hell we can't even figure out that you shouldn't drive your car into a flooded river. We are TOO STUPID to even understand that it's not a good long term plan to have millions of us need hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical care because we can't stop stuffing cheetos into our face.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a lot of wealthy fat people.

Anonymous said...

If the people that eat food are incapable of controlling their life, then who has to do it? None of our business? Not quite. It is our business when we have to pay for the effects of their sloth.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder...Would the USA be better off if every single politician in every single political office was mysteriously killed? Or, would we be better off if all of them lived forever?

Crud Bonemeal said...

This is but another step in the gradual erosion of our personal rights and freedoms.
Every successul tyrant that has taken over a nation and ground its citizens into mindless drones has done so in this manner. Under the guise if doing things for everyone's good, they make regulations. Oh sure, we look at them and say, "that's a good idea," and then they take another step.
This all started with the government taking some of your wages into a force retirement plan called social security. It's bad to have poor old people, right? They didn't trust you to set up your own retirement account or suffer the consequences, so they made the social security tax. Take money from people's paychecks to pay for the retirement of others.
Then they decided to take money from you to pay to people who didn't bother to put forth the effort to get educated or trained well enough to earn a living. It's bad to have poor people, right?
Then came the smoking bans in government buildings, in public buildings, in restaurants, in public areas, on certain streets, in certain towns, and so on. Smoking is bad, right? So it is good that the government is making rules to control those people.
Now it is with being overweight. That's bad, right? Obesity and the diseases that go with it affect us all by using up medical resources unnecessarily and raising insurance rates, right? So a government agency makes a rule: don't feed the fat people. The next rule is that fat people can't get insurance. The next rule is that fat people can be refused medical treatment if their illness is because they are fat.
This is an illustration of how they tyranny of big government works. They take a step and if the majority doesn't scream, they take another and another. They erode personal decision making ever so slowly so you don't realize what you've lost until it's too late to stop them.
Taxes on tobacco to raise the cost of smoking.
Taxes on gasoline to make driving more expensive.
Taxes on certain foods that are deemed bad for you because they make you fat. (By the way, here's a news flash for the food police; eating too much of just about anything will make you fat.)
It won't end until the people of the United States stop them.
This is the tyranny of the government and the tyranny of the majority. This is why our government was set up as a republic and not a democracy. (I bet alot of you that throw the word "democracy" around didn't really know that, did you?)
WE NEED TO ELECT LEADERS TO CONGRESS WHO HAVE THE SPINE TO REJECT THE KNEE JERK PHILOSOPHIES OF THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE THAT THE ORDINARY PERSON HAS THE ABILITY TO RUN HIS OR HER OWN LIFE. For better or worse, we need to be free. Growth is difficult under the stress of a tyrannical government. I think freedom to grow or self-destruct is yours. You don't want your personal decisions in the hands of the government or some majority. If I want to put butter instead of margarine on my toast, am I subject to the will of a majority who would tell me that butter is bad? I should hope not. Will you understand when they outlaw white bread because whole wheat is better for you. If I want to eat McDonald's every day until I die, that's my choice, not the government's. But I promise you, they are trying to get control of every aspect of your lives!

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet Mississippi is and has been controlled by Dems. Haven't had any reason to give it a thought until Barry's post but, it's just such a mess,couldn't be anything less.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee,it's funny how the middle bozo is sucking in his gut!

psychicfriend said...

Is there a psychology to how the first dude is holding his hand so his wedding ring is prominent? I bet he's a closet case whose trying to project straightality.

Anonymous said...'re carrying around a lot of bad karma.....chill out, lighten up.

atvtrlrdr said...

I can see it now. A couple of fat guys standing outside of Taco Bell asking skinny guys going in "Dude, will you by us a Grande Pack of Tacos....we've got money"

wordkyle said...

The government should also outlaw outdoor activities, since exposure to the sun increases incidence of skin cancer, and we shouldn't have to pay for THOSE people.

The government should make illegal anyone driving over ten miles per hour, because increased speed causes significantly more injuries in car accidents, and we shouldn't have to pay for THOSE people.

And, of course the government should make gay sex illegal because the incidence of HIV is much higher in the gay population, and we shouldn't have to....

Find what's in the headlines and you'll see the latest "concern" of our politicians (of both parties.) They do only what they think will curry favor with their constituents, except govern responsibly.

Term limits.

Anonymous said...

I think the term for 11:42 and these three crazies is called scapegoating. If it weren't fat people that were causing the problems, you'd be blaming Mexicans, or women...get a life.

Anonymous said...

San Frncisco wants to impose a special tax on all fatty junk foods, hamburgers, pastas, hot dogs, beverages with sugar, etc. There is already a stiff tax on beer. They leave out butter and lard BUT want to legalize street drugs. San Fran was the first to declare itself a haven city for illegals and some of them are fat.

So where do the revenues from these "sin taxes" go? Do the heavy tax dollars from booze go to rehab centers, victims of drunk drivers? Do cigarette taxes pay for lung cancer hospitals? Not a chance. I don't think anyone really knows where the money is kept.

However, we must trust that sane, qualified voters have spoken and we are the beneficiaries of their gifted choices of the people who govern us. Mississippi ia barely catching up. Decatur ... big question.

Anonymous said...

That dude in the middle could sure stand to lose some weight. But of course this bill doesn't apply to the people who pass it.

Anonymous said...

John Read is 5'11 and weighs 230 lbs.