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School Delays? Closings

This is what I have found but it could change and my news team has confirmed it to be 100% accurate. Decatur ISD - Closed Bridgeport ISD - KXAS & KDFW now changed to"closed" Boyd ISD - Website shows "closed" (now confirmed at KXAS) Chico ISD - KXAS now changed to"closed" Alvord ISD - WFAA now changed to "closed" Paradise ISD - KXAS has updated to "closed" --------------------- To cause mass confusion, the Messenger Update reads this at 7:49 a.m.: BREAKING NEWS - SCHOOL CLOSINGS - Due to icy weather, the following schools are closed today: Decatur, Slidell and Northwest. Delayed: Chico until 10 a.m., Bridgeport until 10:30 a.m., Boyd until 10 a.m., Paradise until 10 a.m.. Edit: At 7:51 p.m., the Update had been, well, updated to show all Wise County schools as closed.