A Very Brady Christmas

This story in the Messenger, of two sisters that both gave birth on December 22nd, slipped by me. (Until a faithful reader emailed me a couple of funny comments about it.) - The mothers are Shelly Brady, 23, and Stephanie Brady, 21, - One child was named "Heavenly Faith" while the other was named "Journie Ryver" - The fathers are Heath Sager and Eric Curtis who "were both excited to be fathers again." - And this sentence confused me a little: "Stephanie has another daughter, Ashtyn Sager, 1, as well as two stepdaughters, 11-year-old Shelby Edwards and 6-year-old Cheyenne Sager. Shelly is also the stepmother of 7-year-old Chance Kelley and 5-year-old Mason Kelley."