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A Post MLK Day Observation

There are some incredibly bright Public Defenders who have blogs that I check on all the time. (It's always good to know about other people that still care about the the Bill of Rights.) One in Dallas penned this non-legal observation a couple of days ago: The other day I went to the Dallas Stars game with a coworker (not a good game, by the way; L 2-5). While driving home, we had to stop to let the DART (Dallas' mass transit authority) light rail pass. The first train was headed north and was packed with what looked like to my coworker and I to be nothing but white people. Then a trained passed us going south, this time backed with nothing but black and hispanic people. It was a stark reminder that racial divisions (not to mention racial/class divisions) still exist, even in the PC, non-racist 21st century. Source.