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No, Bono. No!


Anonymous said...

We all have something in common. He was Time person of the year last year and we are this year. I don't feel so good about myself anymore now for some reason. But he is an economic genius. He is for forgiving of third world country's debts. WOW, why didn't the World Bank think of that? Oh one other thing, why is he moving from Ireland now that they are raising their tax rates for artists? Isn't he for paying his fair share? I love the liberal mindset.

Kingfish said...


Mega dittos or tacos or whatever Rush.

I love the "so called" Christian mindset. If you are looking for a hypocrite, you might want to look in the mirror.

"The God I believe in isn't short of cash mister."

It is Bono's money, he earned it. If he wants to keep it that is his business. If he wants to help others with his money, again that is his business. There is alot of things he is doing in this world that have been good, and will be good.

If there were more people of his ilk in the world, it might be a better place.

Go research his efforts in Northern Ireland, Darfur. Then go read his speech from the 54th annual National prayer breakfast.

What an asshole Bono is. Trying to raise money to combat disease and relieve poverty. Terrible human being and even worse Christian. You want to lynch the Rotarians next? FOOL.

Anonymous said...

uhhh? Please don't be a longhorn???

Anonymous said...

Kingfaggot, Do you think your God could loan me a couple of G's? It's my money too and I earned it, but the liberals want to tax the hell out of me and use it as they see fit. I love the liberal mindset.

Kingfish said...

Bob or AR,

The quote is obviously over your head.

You Conservatives have been in charge for more than a decade in this state. If your getting taxed too much, maybe you should complain to your own party. It shouldn't be hurting you too much. If it is, maybe you should get a job as a preacher. That way you can still lie in public and get paid to do it. You have that talent!

How is the Skoal-Water diet workin out for ya?

Anonymous said...

Faggot, Take a civics lesson. It's the Republican party that cuts taxes and liberals that raise taxes. Bono is wanting the USA to rid the world of poverty and disease. WOW, what a guy. Why doesn't he move to the USA where the liberals want people in his income to pay their fair share? Let the middle class pay for the world's problems but leave my taxes alone. What a guy. I love the liberal mindset. Time to get your robe drycleaned. The racing stripes are starting to set in.

Kingfish said...

Time for you to get a Physics lesson assclown. That, I can assure you will lead you down the path of enlightenment.

I think you better check your facts. The party that is, and has been in control, is tax and spend.

I am not saying the Democrats are any better by the way, but last time I checked, there has been a Republican majority for quite some time.

Don't you have an Ag loan to get approved?

Anonymous said...

10:05am.....I suppose you think "borrow and spend" is preferable to "tax and spend". Instead of pay as you go you would slough debt off on the next generation. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

10:29, Did you and faggot pay cash for your house? Do 99% of businesses borrow to keep running? Government does the same thing. They always have and always will. Please hurry up and pay off your house before you die so your kids won't be burdened with it.

m&m said...

It's all a setup. Some longhorn knows how to use adobe photoshop and tricked everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hes at a marilyn manson concert.