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Kill Me

Fox 4 News' John Hammarley has reported live from Gainesville three times in the last 70 minutes. Each time they show footage of some twenty-something year old Cracker Barrel employees scraping ice off their car windows. Seriously, they have ice on their windshields.


Anonymous said...

Crazy. Live shots of traffic moving along just fine, though the reports coming in from Tulsa and Missouri, which I saw, indicate problems. Good thing we don't live there I guess. Wonder if the folks there get our live feeds of nothing happening. Oh, but there were icicles on trees, and "even though the roadways are fine we will have to deal with these icicles" (a direct quote from one of the live reporters). I've been afraid the trees would chase me and kill me.

Truthfully, though, don't be ticked at these poor reporters who feel as stupid giving these inane reports as we do getting them. It's not their fault, they are doing their job and are probably pretty miserable out there, dreading the next live cut.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the ice trucks and stock up on rations people...Big dirty ice off of '07 is's serious.

Anonymous said...

I loved the news shot which featured one of those highly paid live reporters standing in front of a big pile of sand, so she could say "...they will be spreading sand on the roads..." DUH. And to think she had to stand in the cold for who knows how long to deliver that "important" news item!

Anonymous said...

11:10, 11:48...You may bitch about this stupid news coverage but you guys were the ones watching it! If it is so crazy, so insane then why watch it. Find something else to bitch about, and 11:48 if you think they reporters are highly paid maybe you should look into that line of work so you can be highly paid!