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Machinery Of Death

Lt. Governor and shameless media ho David Dewhurst has been pimping for the cameras lately (I think I just called him a pimp and a ho in the same sentence). His new cause: Death for repeat sex offenders. We know that the penalty of death for the rape of an adult woman is unconstitutional as being "cruel and unusual punishment." See Coker v. Georgia, 433 U.S. 584 (1977)(I feel so smart when I can throw out Supreme Court citations). But no one knows whether Dewhurst's proposed legislation is constitutional. Then again, I now see the face of the black man on the news yesterday who was finally exonerated, thanks to DNA, from his Dallas conviction of raping a 12 year old boy.


Anonymous said...

So now that we have positive proof with DNA, there is no way to lynch an innocent man. Let the lynchings begin.

Anonymous said...

Death is a final action. Although the death card is dealt by these individuals, death for death cannot be given with out a certain account of the actions of these awful women and men that do these unspeakable deeds.

I would like to have the punishment but without the all knowing powers of preception the innocent could be thrown out with the bath water.

Anonymous said...

They should have known this black man was innocent to begin with, black men do not rape little boys, they rape fat white girls!

Anonymous said...

I never met a 12 yr old boy that I wanted to rape.