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Speaking Of Lake Bridgeport - Dropping About A Foot A Week


Anonymous said...

When you live out at the lake you watch the level because of flooding and fence building. You see it up and down over the years and this year does not get close to some of the years past. In 2000 the lake level was at 816.04; in 2004 it was 821.80. That is some of recent low levels, but folks in 1980 it got down to 801.01 and in 1956 in was 779.80. That means in 1956, the lake proper was south of the Methodist Encampment.

But now Richard Ellis, lake Bridgeport custodian / manager, is the best manager this lake has ever had to date and TCWB is more sensitive to public relations. Richard has been far better at managing the lake levels, both high and low, than any previous custodian/manager. It is doubtful that TCWB will lower the level much past 810 because the possibility of damage to the lake dam due to drying out and cracking.

But we all must remember the lake is a water supply for Bridgeport, Decatur, Walnut Creek Water, West Wise Water and Numerous cities in Tarrant County. With the cost of elctrical power it is cheaper to gravity flow water down hill then to pump it back up hill.

Anonymous said...

Good comment. And please, no bitching about "thirsty Fort Worth people sucking the lake dry". That's why it was developed to begin with. And Wise County gets to enjoy and valuable amenity as a result.

Anonymous said...

They can only take so much out of the lake each year. I guess they have hit their mark. If we don't get some good rain in the watershed it is no telling how low it will get. The good thing is it has almost filled up overnight before.

Anonymous said...

11:39 Sorry, but we can gripe all we want about Tarrannt County sucking our lake dry! They can only take so much out according to agreements with Wise County Cities; however, if it doesn't rain a lot of people are going to be in big, big trouble.

And underground water tables are not replemishing....Water wells are drying up.

And since the power plants started sucking up water and the big oil tanks suck up gillions of gallons out of lake, the lake is lower than in the past.

But Tarrant county will say...power plants only take the water that would evaporate!!!! So if that is logical, everyone just go ahead and suck it all out!

Yep! we can gripe all we want! Cause the meter needs to be running on the oil companies and the power plants. We were all here before they were.

stu-morone said...

Go ahead and gripe, wont do ya any good, wont fill the lake up either. Rain, something very few prople can remember what it is. That's whats needed. And, its not your lake nor is it mine, but we can enjoy it while it is still alive.

Anonymous said...

The new power plants are indeed sucking additional water from the lake (about as much as evaporates so that makes it a double whammy). In addition it takes about 1,000,000 gals of water to fraq 1 new gas well. How many wells are being fraq'ed? Is a million gallons significant? Well, it's a million gals not available for other purposes.

Anonymous said...

"That is some of recent low levels, but folks in 1980 it got down to 801.01 and in 1956 in was 779.80." - From first post

I think at some point after 1980 the desired level of the lake was raised to 836 (I don't recall what it was before then, but 826 seems about right).

Anonymous said...

How about we start saving water by putting a stop to car washes...starting with the Eagle Dolls!!!