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The Culture of Fear

In case you missed it, a bunch of folks in England were arrested in the last 24 hours for allegedly planning to blow up a bunch of planes bound for the United States. Officials were careful not to disclose too much information so as to not jeopardize any "ongoing investigation." But that didn't stop the Administration from these two statements this morning. (1) The plan is "suggestive of an al Qaeda plot" - U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says (2) "We are still assessing the links to al Qaeda; however, a plot of this sophistication is suggestive of al Queda tactics." - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Translated: We have no evidence of al Quada's involvement, but let's throw that name out there to scare you even more. Michael Moore calls it the "Culture of Fear": The more the government keeps us afraid the less likely we are to question their actions.