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More Hatin' On Madden

I know I've gone football intensive, but this one interests me. (Here is the video clip). Most Cowboy fans remember when Barry Switzer decided to go for it on 4th and 1 against Philadelphia in the mid 1990s. The Cowboys were so deep in their own territory that if they failed to get the one yard, then Philadelphia would certainly kick the game winning field goal. The Switzer moment was famous because Emmitt Smith was stuffed for no gain. Luckily for the Cowboys, the two minute warning occurred before the ball was snapped. The officials nullified the play and the Cowboys got a do-over. Unfortunately, and this was the idiotic part, Switzer went for it again - and Emmitt got stuffed again. But I like the clip because it shows what an idgit Madden is. The rule is simple: If the two minute warning (that is, if the clock rolls down to 2:00) before the ball is snapped, the play should be called dead. In this case, the clock rolled down to 2:00, on the next second the ball was snapped, and on the next second the officials blew the whistle because of the two minute warning. Madden goes nuts because the whistle wasn't blown before the ball was snapped. Of course, that doesn't matter. The key is that the clock hit 2:00 before the ball was snapped. And to think he is a Super Bowl winning coach.


Anonymous said...

Wow, such important stuff. We gotta see that this one gets into the history books.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I been waiting for years to talk about this...

A lot of people said Barry Switzer was stupid for going for it in that instance...NO HE WASN'T!!!!!!!

At the time he had one of the best offensive lines in football, he had a future Hall of Fame running back AND quarterback, and so he had the personnel to make it happen. It just so happens that the defense MADE A GOOD PLAY!

Vince Lombardi, I think it was, used to say that he wouldn't mind giving the opponent his playbook. He said it didn't matter if HIS TEAM EXECUTED THE PLAYs THE WAY THEY SHOULD. They could see it coming and still couldn't stop it.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Speaking of people we all hate...Has anyone heard from mzchief lately?

Anonymous said...

I don't hate mzchief (or rr or Switzer) - just disagree most of the time. That's what dialogue is - give and take. Hate shouldn't enter in.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38

It seems you think you know a lot more than you actually do. The consequences of not making the one yard for a first down is to lose the game. The miss places the Eagles in chip shot field goal range. If you make the first down you still have to drive the length of the field in order to get your own team into field goal range. The result doesn't reward the risk.

Switzer made a bad decision!!!!

Anonymous said...

A 49 yard field goal is no sure thing, and in that weather toward the end of the game both offenses were closing down. Also in the cold, you must expect to be able to get one yard. Not too bad of a call. One of those that if it works, coach is a gutty hero.

Anonymous said...

The one yard run (twice) may have been a bad call. What would have been said if he chose to punt - and it was mishandled or blocked? They'd say Switzer was stupid not to go for a crummy yard. It's easy after it's over.

Anonymous said...

A 49yd field goal may not be a chip shot but it sure would make a lot more sense if they had to drive the ball in order to get a chance at a 49yd field goal.

I guess the USC Coach didn't watch this film either.