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I Thought That Looked Familiar

The cover of the latest Newsweek had a picture of Billy Graham with the title "Billy Graham In Twilight." The theme seemed oddly familiar. I was right. It looks like Time magazine was trying to send him to the exit in November of 1993 with the cover of "A Christian In Winter."


June FN Cleaver said...

You think he still likes to dance?

Anonymous said...

Billy Graham has lived his life in obedience to Jesus Christ. This doesn't mean he has led a perfect life. He has said he hasn't done that in many sermons. I hold this man in high regard as having been faithful to one woman and particularly faithful to God through Christ. One thing he said that has always impressed me is, "when looking at a beautiful woman or handsome man, you can't help that first look, but beware of the second one".......Graham was referring to those who are married and should be committed to one person for life.

He has never stopped preaching the Gospel as he understands it. He has mellowed from his younger days when his preaching was more "hellfire and brimstone" - he has learned that God is truly love and accepts us as we are, thus Graham's use of "Just As I am" - the great hymn used in all of his crusades.

God will be with him to the end - which for Graham and those whose lives are committed to Christ - will be the beginning of life eternal.

A perfect man? No. A good and godly man. Absolutely.

And for you june fn cleaver, if you read this, YES, Graham will dance in heaven forever.

Anonymous said...


browneyes1428 said...

thank you anon 6:00!

What a faithfull servant this man has been. He has led so many lost souls to Christ.
And yes I'll be dancing when I get there to!

June FN Cleaver said...

Please don't get me wrong; I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Graham. I would like to think that he and his wife still like to slow dance occaisionally in the living room or wherever. I did not pose that question with disrespect in mind. A man like him doesn't gain the respect of millions by being dogmatic so I would hope he would find my comment funny.

browneyes1428 said...


That is one thing I don't like about posting comments on here. Sometimes it is hard to tell when one is kidding around or just being hateful.

And then on the other hand you have those that post on here that can't wait to say something mean and try to hurt others.

I have always been told that "hurting people hurt people."

No harm done. Sorry for taking it wrong!

Anonymous said...

The Newsweek article quotes Graham as not taking the entire bible literally. Interesting that this man doesn't share some simplistic views of our Wise Co religion experts.

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing that he does not interpret the Bible literally. Makes sense, and you avoid a lot of hypocrisy that way.

Anonymous said...

Very good man. More should be like him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, june fn cleaver, the fact that Graham is Baptist and his wife is Presbyterian has always intrigued me. Since lots of Baptists (at least the older generation) frown on dancing, they get a lot of teasing from those in other denominations for that view.

A Baptist, Presbyterian union sounds pretty healthy to me. At least on some levels they might "keep each other in line".

Ruth Bell Graham is a fiesty little gal who has certainly been an asset to her husband and his ministry, dancing or not.


Anonymous said...

I'm over 40 and have been a member of a Baptist church all my life and a member of several different Baptist church as I have moved from city to city....never have heard a conversation, much less a sermon against dancing!
I was saved after listening to a Billy Graham sermon and being led by the Holy Spirit. Not a perfect Christian or man just an amazing instrument of God.

Anonymous said...

One of things that I think a person should have when discussing theology is a sense of humor about all the different opinions. I can't/won't judge what is in a person's heart when it comes to their faith and God. I'm sure he sees the good that is in each person and hopefully, they use that to make the world a better place and love God. And if you have the opportunity to do a little jig here or there, go for it.

To anon 12:20...I knew there must be a reason I liked Mr. Graham so much. My husband is a Baptist and I'm not. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they talk theology together. I wonder what they did with the kids on Sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

2:28 - so would I. I think Mrs. Graham was a wonderful support to her husband all through the years. Of course, I don't know, but likely she could have provided the sense of humor when he was in his younger days and taking everything so seriously - typical young man trying to establish his ministry.

I am not a Baptist, but deeply appreciate his influence for good. He is a really good man who has not wavered in his devotion to Christ.