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I'll Ask Alan Greenspan . . .

Taxes down?: From today's Update: Decatur school district property owners could feel significant relief from taxes next year after the school board voted 5-0 last night for a proposed tax rate of $1.5503 per $100 valuation. That’s a drop of nearly 19 cents over the current rate and it is projected that would save the owner of a $165,000 home more than $600. But taxes up?: From the July 25th Update: BOOM CONTINUES – Wise County’s tax values are up almost 22 percent according to final figures released Monday by Wise County Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Mickey Hand. Total county values stood at 5.4 billion, up almost $1 billion from 2005. Aside from the county, Decatur ISD has the highest tax values at $1.6 billion, up 26.5 percent from last year. I'm a little math challenged, but I would think the increase in appraisals would wipe out any tax rate drop.