Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • How many times have you heard, "How about that rain?" this morning?
  • But that is a lot of rain. 
  • A guy came up for parole in a case that some say gave rise to the most famous headline ever by the New York Post: "Headless Body In Topless Bar."
  • The more I watched the State of the Union, the more convinced I became that President Obama will win re-election. And it may not even be close.
  • He started off with a boom: We are out of Iraq and no longer have to fear Osama Bin Laden.
  • Business quick hits: (1) The company behind Del Frisco is going public after having grown to 31 restaurants in 18 states -- I had no idea they were that big, and (2) Apple Inc. just had the second most profitable quarter in the history of any company in America with a net income of $13.06 billion -- Exxon holds the record.
  • Mrs. LL signs up for a lot of workout programs. Some of them pretty odd. 
  • Someone commented about the difference between the "effective" income tax rate and the "marginal" income tax rate yesterday. I don't think many people understand that. 
  • Admittedly weak Random Thoughts. I had an 8:10 appointment that was a must-do.
  • Since we love talking about field turf, looks like a high school in Beaumont is having trouble with theirs: