Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We're almost into February and it hasn't really been cold yet. Weird. All the trees will bloom in a little over a month.
  • The Messenger has added five online ads surrounding its online Update
  • Thirty-one killed in Iraq because of a bomb blast. The Vietnam War will look like a good idea compared to W's decision to invade that country before long. Edit for commentor: Nope. Congress did not authorize the war with a declaration of war as required by the constitution. Edit #2: A "resolution" supporting the President if the President chooses to invade a country is no way a "declaration of war" by Congress. Edit #3: And the resolution supports my initial point 100%. It was Bush's War.
  • The capital murder jury in Fort Worth deliberated most of the day yesterday without reaching a verdict. One odd thing they asked for from the judge: The transcript of one of the lawyer's closing argument. I've never heard of that before.
  • There was a drug arrest out of Chico yesterday of a guy whose last name was Phoutthavong. He has an immigration hold on him. 
  • Mark Cuban was not impressed ("total idiots") with a Ticket round table discussion last night about Lamar Odom.
  • Regarding the shocking picture of the Decatur school bus and the collapsed bridge, I'm surprised we don't have more country road bridge collapses.  I bet they aren't regularly checked.
  • Wichita Falls (AP) – A 5-year-old North Texas girl is dead after she was found hanging by the neck from her jump rope on a piece of playground equipment. Good grief. 
  • Hypothetical we had up at the courthouse yesterday: If you had to be sentenced to prison, at what point (in number of real years) would you make the decision to flee to Mexico? Your current age plays a huge factor in the decision, but we all agreed a 20 year sentence would cause us all to head South. 
  • I'd take a 20 year sentence if I could kill those Sweetjack commercials. 
  • The Republicans spent time in their debate last night talking about colonization of the moon? Really?
  • I debated whether the death of "Epstein" from Welcome Back Kotter warranted a bullet point. 
  • You could have a movie preview of Liam Neeson tracking down and killing a butterfly and it would still look good. 
  • There was so much impromptu singing in my house last night that I felt like I was in an episode of Glee.