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Random Ice Rink Collapse

I think it's in Russia. Not a lot of back story.

Which reminds me. I wonder if the Cowboys will ever rebuild their indoor practice facility?


jon spencer said...

The language sounded Finnish to me, maybe Latvia or Estonia?

Scott said...

Heard about this yesterday. NHL Star Richard Zednik was there in his hometown in Slovakia giving a clinic to the kids.

Luckily, they were able to get out.

Anonymous said...


Oni jednoducho stavať veci, ako to bývalo za starých čias, do ktorej súdruh.

Dvojlôžková Fake Andy Warhol

Anonymous said...

Random Ice Rink Collapse was an inside job. I saw the squibs. And David Ray Griffin found nanothermite traces in the debris. Call your congressman. Request a new Russian ice rink collapse investigation.