Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Lake Bridgeport will probably rise a little over two feet due to the storms and will remain about two feet low. [Edit: I meant "ten feet low". Really. I knew that.]  It takes about a four day storm over the watershed to see a dramatic change. (I just like saying "watershed.")
  • At 5:30 this morning, I stumbled upon the semi-final match of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open. I couldn't (and probably wouldn't) sit around and watch it, but live sports before dawn is cool.
  • I follow a country pastor on Facebook who just oozes hatred. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
  • The Arizona governor sticking her finger in the President's face did her party no favors with that sign of disrespect.
  • There was a press release yesterday by Garland police about the murder of a 40 year old by two teenage girls he had met  in a hotel to share sex, drugs, and alcohol.  I loved this sentence: "At some point during the night, the party got out of hand." At some point? How about the moment the guy decided to open the the door.
  • Odd conversation with Mrs. LL last night: If I have felt better because of adding a salad to every meal, is it because there is something intrinsic in lettuce or is it because it is "empty calories" simply taking the place of bad food?
  • I saw an old girlfriend firing off real time Facebook pics from a bar last night. You know, it was good to be home. 
  • WBAP's Hal Jay on Tom Brady this morning: "He does have kind of that scumbag side to him." Really? 
  • A jury begins deliberating today whether to give the death penalty to a guy who killed two people during a robbery. Although death sentences are becoming less frequent, if they don't vote for it in this case then there truly is a change in the wind in Texas on the issue of capital punishment. 
  • But the Tarrant County DA's office will be tweeting about the verdict like they were watching a high school football game. 
  • A name connected with a famous Tarrant County murder case that I hadn't thought about in years: Kristi Koslow.
  • Several buildings of the Selwyn School in Denton (off to the right as you drive towards I-35) burned this morning. As a kid, I'd look at it and think really smart kids probably went there. I was probably right. (That link has a picture of the fire.)
  • Another wrong way crash on the Dallas tollway last night. Seems like it had been a few months since we have had one. 
  • I couldn't pic Lamar (Kardashian) Odom out of a lineup, but everyone sure is griping about how he couldn't care less to be a Dallas Maverick. Yet another reason rent-a-player killed pro sports.