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Love the guy just mowing down the pole, backing up, and moving on. Not his problem.

(But, on a side note, the analogy of "#52" hitting Tom Brady in the back yesterday is proof positive that guy shouldn't be talking sports.  Heck, I'm not sure I can name five Ravens but you have to live in a cave not to know Ray Lewis. Animated gif of that hit here.)


Anonymous said...

Ray Lewis is a THUG!! Im so glad he's not going to the SuperBowl.

Triple Fake... said...

Let's see...
1. Ray Lewis
2. Ed Reed
3. Joe Flacco
4. Michael Oher (The Blindside guy)
5/6. and that other guy, whose name - if I could remember it - would be worth at least two guys because it has like, four names in it

and saying "52" when you're talking about Lewis does not mean you don't know who he is. In some circles, just saying "52" is synonymous with the name Ray Lewis

Triple Fake... said...

my bad -
I was thinking of Ben Jarvus-Green Ellis, but he plays for that other team

Anonymous said...

How does one arrive at "Ben-jarvus-green-Ellis"?

Anonymous said...

7:54, don't know. How does one arrive at "Anonymous"?