Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Got an email that said power had been out in north part of the county since shortly after midnight.
  • When reviewing a criminal file the other day at the prosecutor's office, I came across a statement written by a Wise County high school student which began with the proclamation that he was an "A and B" student. His handwritten account to investigators included the words "apone", "scard", "amedetly", and "marriagal" and many, many other gems.
  • A lot of my job involves explaining the same thing over and over but to people who are hearing it for the first time.
  • I've never heard of Belk's but one is opening in north Fort Worth.
  • That Best Buy in the same north Fort Worth shopping center never seems very busy.
  • Had to get out my Makita drill last night. I love firing up the Makita drill.
  • The new TV I bought doesn't have a standard headphone jack that I always use when I jog. I think I'm going to have to hook up a stereo receiver to it and use the headphone jack on it. Beating.
  • Feel good story of the year, "A man stole more than 130 panties from a Victoria's Secret store on Monday afternoon in Dallas, authorities said . . . . A female accomplice held the door open as they both jumped into a green Ford F-150, the report states."
  • One more link: It involves DWI, Decatur (not ours), a guy painted in silver, Halloween, and a mugshot.
  • The hot vixen from Footloose turns 51 today.
  • Calling someone a "vixen" is always fun. It's a compliment yet a complicated one.
  • There were reports yesterday that Obama had begun receiving "sensitive" and "secret" information from U.S. officials in anticipation of his presidency. I've always wondered about that.
  • Routinely, whenever a new administration from a different political party takes over the executive office, every single U.S. Attorney is replaced. If Obama would like to "change" the approach on the War on Drugs, I'm officially throwing in my name for consideration for U.S. Attorney for the Northern District Of Texas. Call me. We'll talk.
  • Decatur beating Bridgeport on Friday would be the equivalent of Baylor beating Tech.
  • All that campaigning had to be hard on McCain. If I'm him, I retire from the Senate and enjoy life.
  • When I read about someone dying at a relatively young age, it immediately makes me want to to plan a trip.