Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A Birdville ISD student (which has always confused me since I think the school is in North Richland Hills because there is no Birdville, TX) fires up a joint while in the cafeteria line and then slugs and administrator once he was asked to extinguish said joint. Man, I bet his parents really gave him the what-for once he got home. (Sarcasm.)
  • I get Hi-Def installed today. That was one of my New Year's Resolutions.
  • TCU lost last night. Two thoughts: (1) They need a field goal kicker, and (2) the Frogs are always good but always extremely overrated due to their conference -- they'd end up with three or four loses every year if they were in the Big 12.
  • If I think a prosecutor is wrong on an aspect of criminal law and that mistake favors my client, and keep my mouth shut instead of trying to prove him wrong.
  • Prediction: One of the Big Three automakers will declare bankruptcy in the next few months.
  • A backup center for the Evil Empire got kicked off the team for putting this on his Facebook page: ""All the hunters gather up, we have a coon in the White House." I'm not a fan of goverment (and the UT Football team is, amazingly, a government product) sanctioning anyone for what they say, but they might have done him a favor: Does he really want to walk in that locker room now?
  • In Wise County, Obama got only 21% of the vote. That makes us look like New York compared to Jack County where Obama managed only 15% of the vote. (Great interactive map here by the way.)
  • There are worst ways to spend the day that getting neekid and climbing a cell phone tower.
  • There are a lot of Big and Tall stores but no Short and Slim stores.
  • The Feds have arrested 11 DFW folks in a "large scale ecstasy" distribution ring. A drug, by the way, which is non-addicting and arguably harmless. But, as always, the government had to come up with a fancy name for this investigation: Operation "Taste The Rainbow." Sheesh.
  • My law partner plopped down a copy of the New York Times on my desk the other day. You know, that's a pretty cool paper. But who in the world would have time to read it every day?
  • There's not enough time to read everything I want and watch everything I want. And I've got more free time than anyone I know.
  • Update on the hypothetical bet I was holding between two people regarding the outcome of the presidential election: Unless someone does the right thing, someone else got screwed in a shocking manner. But I'm going to give the man the chance to make it right before I say more.
  • I think I benefit through this so-called socialism that the right wing fear mongers have been yelling about. See, the government makes up crimes (i.e. ecstasy crime), arrests and then prosecutes people with your tax dollars, which causes those prosecuted to pay me to defend them. In a way, the government is using your tax dollars to force folks to redistribute their wealth to me.
  • Lately I've caught myself acting like a shotgun quarterback: Arms extended and raising my knee to signal the make believe center to snap the ball. I may be losing it.