Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Go vote. Unless you're not very bright.
  • Will my car pass inspection if I have a small crack in my windshield?
  • I love those "Most Interesting Man In The World" commercials from Dos Equis. Normally there's a narrator saying things like: "When it rains, it’s because he has thought of something sad." "He’s left-handed . . . and right-handed." "He once called a wrong number, but the person on the other end refused to admit he had done so." But I saw one the other day where the actor did the speaking himself: "Saying something, and having something to say are two very different things." Preach on, brother.
  • There was the story over the last couple of days of the lady who was struck by a bullet at the Texas Motor Speedway. Funny bit on The Ticket this morning: They named race winner Carl Edwards as a suspect since he was seen holding the commemorative six shooters after the race.
  • I've got to replace the TV in my bedroom. Probably going with a 26 inch, high def (although I think it's hard to buy a new TV without it being high def.) Anyway, I'm thinking about this one. But I'm open to suggestions.
  • I'm going to try and go the entire Maverick season without intentionally watching a single game (I'll grant an excuse if I momentarily stop on a game while channel surfing.)
  • One of the funniest moments of the campaign was Joe Biden's "Oh! God love ya! What am I talking about???" moment.
  • If you're running for judge, it must be mandatory for you to say, "Judges should interpret the law, not make law."
  • I learned my ancestors have been traced back to England. I'm guessing a King or something like that.
  • Bad economic news yesterday. GM sales down 45% (as well as losses from all auto makers.) Circuit City closing 155 stores. Get ready for more of this. A lot more.
  • I would think the local Weatherford College Campus proposition will pass without any organized opposition against it. I'll be opening up a fraternity house -- we'll be having a mixer with the Tri-Delts at Casa Torres later today.
  • I'd rather vote on making FM 51 a ten lane toll road.