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The Weaving Truck

I'm seeing this more and more. The early morning truck that has trouble staying in its lane. If it were a car at midnight, I would really question whether he's sober. (And that guy isn't turning onto Business 287 - he's headed straight.)

I wonder if anyone else is noticing the same thing.


Jarhead said...

80 percent of the truckers (and 95% of "regular drivers") I pass are talking on their cell phones. Who are they talking to? Their stockbrokers?

I feel impaired if I have to talk on my phone while driving a car. I can't imagine having to drive one of those beasts with a phone in my ear.

The short answer is: they're definately not paying attention to what they're supposed to be doing.

Rolling death, they are.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Unfortunately......sleep deprivation is just as dangerous as drinking and driving....or he could still be drunk from last night!

Anonymous said...

just a little day drinking

Anonymous said...

That's why I like my SUV instead of a Mini-Cooper.

Thank goodnes I have less than a 2 block commute and don't have to get on 287 or 380 to go to work.

Anonymous said...

One of the many joys of living and driving in Wise County, USA!!!

Anonymous said...

10:22 a.m.

I don't think it'll make much difference if you're in a Beetle or an Excursion if you get hit by a rock truck that weighs over 100,000 pounds.

But good job, keep draining a limited resource so you can cling to your false security blanket.

Anonymous said...


So let me get this straight. There is not going to be a better chance of surviving an accident with an 18wheeler in an SUV than in a compact car. The percentage may be low but it still has to be higher.

So 10:22 keep holding on to that blanket.

AnObiter said...

Only, sometimes there's a guy with his cell phone camera peering at traffic...he swerves...he weaves....he gets the shot. Damned dangerous moron. lol

Anonymous said...

What?? You mean exceeding DOT regulations by doctoring your log book and driving while amped up on amphetamines could impair your driving abilities? Nooo...

And 11:31, you're wrong. Trucks and SUVs do not have to meet the same collision standards as cars. When you get into a mass war, you'll always lose to the object that has the greater mass. Plus, even in minor collisions you're more likely to have your extremities crushed because the vehicle's body has to dissipate more energy across a inferior structure.

For example, a Mini Cooper and a Ford F-150 in a crash test:

Anonymous said...

Thank god you're not talking on a cell phone while you're driving like a bat out of hell as you pass the drivers who are, jarhead, you idiot.

Rolling death, they are, eh? Looks like the pot calling the kettle black there to me.

Jarhead said...


I'm glad you have blog rage as opposed to road rage like the guy I passed on my way to work this morning... or maybe that was you?

Either way, have a wonderful day and keep the shiny side up.

Anonymous said...

maybe he was taking a picture of the rock truck in front him weaving?

Anonymous said...

Nobody said anything about not losing in a collision of mass. Not going to argue that point but if I had to choose between a little car or a bigger SUV, I know which one I am taking to battle.

Don't be a dipsh**.

Anonymous said...

i drive like that too so that i can get as fr away from the oncoming rock trucks as possible

Anonymous said...

1:54, take your own advice. Photographic and statistical evidence is easily obtained, like what I posted. Smarts also have excellent collision behavior compared with SUVs and trucks and are smaller than Mini Coopers. They will protect their passengers as proven when Mercedes hit one with an S500 which is the same weight as most SUVS.

That "feeling" you have that trucks and SUVs are safer is really of the brake pedal slicing your legs off in a collision. Toby Keith would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...think he could of just come off of FM 2264, being that he looks like he might have been hauling sand or gravel??? Could it be possible that he had just crossed over the rail road tracks there and is getting his speed up and slowly merging with traffic?? Those big rigs don't go 0 to 60 in 60 seconds ya know.

Anonymous said...

It is a Sunset truck, no wonder. These guys will hire anybody with a heartbeat and a cdl. He probably dropped his 50 cent c.d. and was trying to dig it out from under that watermelon rolling around in the floor.

Anonymous said...

from 10:22

Please notice that I don't commute to the Metromess in my SUV.
I also keep my heat at 68 (and air at 80 in the summer) and I don't live in a McMansion. We also recycle newspapers and magazines.

There is more than one way to conserve resources. Are you doing your part before you point fingers at me? How many of you go to bed at night and leave your computers and printers humming?

Since you got me started...
what about the senseless people that drive around town flicking their cigarettes out the window while we are in a burn ban. You think valuable resources are consumed when a grass fire results from these thoughtless actions.

mzchief said...

I cannot hold a cell phone and drive thus, I ALWAYS use an ear bud or the blue tooth thingy that came as part of the communication package of my autos. I have witnessed SEVERAL cretins holding their cell phone at the top of their steering wheel TEXTING while swerving all over the road, crossing EVERY manner of stripe.

For the most part I ALWAYS use an ear bud while talking on ANY phone. I am to the point that I refuse to waste a hand and hold a phone and not be able to multi task while talking on a phone.

rpm said...

FYI max gross weight on rock trucks in Texas is 84,000 lbs with an overload permit.

Anonymous said...

Just glad the pic you took wasn't of my truck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those trucks loaded weigh 80,000pounds and that is without an overweight permit but lets get to the real problem here, first off, we had someone going down the road taking pictures, come on, how safe is that? Those trucks are the resourse used to build the road you are all driving on in the first place. People pull out in front of the all the time and it is hard to stop and then to top it off you decide to suddendly turn left, then you want to go on and on and on about the rock trucks, you live in the rock capital of America, either you were raised here and know the rules or you moved here....380 goes east and west, 287 goes north and south, pick one and go on and get.....Don't move somewhere and belly ache about the way we do things around here.

Anonymous said...

MZ.- We all know you and your superiority complex would never allow you to admit to being wrong about anything, but----- numerous studies conclusively prove that it is not the act of holding the phone which distracts you from the essential skills required to drive efficiently, but rather the conversation itself. That is to say that hands free devices offer no improvement in driving skills over hand held devices. Thus your illusion of superiority derived from your chosen method of stupidly talking on the phone while driving turns out to be just another rationalization. Do you watch a lot of TV and rationalize that as well? Thus the condition of our society.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

I drive 380 every morning to go to work, and every day to come home. I see Bridgeport from Decatur.

About every other week I also drive 114 in the morning... and come back in the evening.

In my poor estimation... 1 out of every 5 trucks is swerving down the road... and crossing the lines. Roughly the same percentage of cars are doing the same thing.

I do not feel at ease... hence, I try and keep my head on a swivel.

And pray.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 9:34...
I guess it is YOUR willingness to be a PETTY PUTZ that forces you to ignore the OBVIOUS reason hands-free has become the law in California.

According to this link and COMMON SENSE:
1. "The U.S. Department of Transportation says drivers using hands-free phones have significantly better reaction times and can steer more accurately."
2."In Japan, police report a 50-percent reduction in cell phone related accidents since a law took effect banning hand-helds while driving."

According to the NHTSA Evaluation of Driver Distraction indicates that hands-free technology is a factor of 2.68 safer than hand-held technology.

Incidentally, the study conducted by Drs. Frank Drews, David Strayer, and Dennis L. Crouch of the University of Utah,
you are ATTEMPTING to note without providing a link has been debunked as JUNK SCIENCE just as was the PRIOR study they ATTEMPTED to uphold. I guess you BELIEVE everything you read. More than likely you have bought, hook, line and SINKER all the tales in The Big Book of Myths and Fables.

Your kind are HORRIBLY dimwitted and EXTREMELY annoying to intelligent people.

Anonymous said...

As usual MZ is right.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was trying to get a pic of the car behind him!

Anonymous said...

Remember what is was like in the 80's driving 380 or 287?

Anonymous said...

I not being a smartass, but I can't tell the difference between some truck drivers driving skills and anyone from the metroplex and or soccer moms driving skills. I drive a heavy equipment haul truck, I don't talk on the phone much, and I swerve all over the road looking straight at it. I try to use all the road I can because I pay $550 a year for road tax and it keeps most of the (non-truckdrivers that know more than me) four wheelers away from me. That strategy is what I call "defensive driving" but, you can call it whatever you like. Drive safe and stay back to all my four wheeler friends from the BIG BLUE HAUL TRUCK! 10-4!

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, we all have laws we must follow while driving. Truckers don't have some special permit to allow them to drive however they want.

To Anon 5:00pm: That's exactly the attitude I'm talking about. What you describe as "Defense Driving" is reckless driving. Defense driving is waht most of us have to do while driving to prevent getting ran off the road by people who think they can use all the road at all times.

This applies to everyone not just truckers.

Jarhead said...

If everyone would just hang up their phones and drive, we'd all be much happier.

If you must talk on the phone while driving, at the very least use an earpiece or pull over waaaaaay off the road to have your emergency conversation.

If you're going to use your camera phone, make sure you're not swerving all over the place. Camera phones are essential to making those of us with blogs seem more interesting than we actually are. :)

Anonymous said...

OK, its official. This blog comment section has gone completely out of control!!

Anonymous said...

In Germany, you can't talk on the phone while driving. They have they little places like rest stops and you can use them to use your cell. It is a big fine if you get caught on the phone while driving. Not a bad idea......

Anonymous said...

Cell phones is just part of the problem. We need to ban the following:

Thou shalt not

Read the mail,
Read a book,
Apply make-up,
Write a letter,
Complete a cross-word puzzle,
Change clothes,
Turn and talk to the people in the back seat,
Study the content of your sinuses in the mirror,
Examine the contents of the glove box,
Reset all the buttons on your radio,
Get to first base,
Get to second base,
Get to third base and don't EVEN think about home plate,
Check your hair,
Tie your shoe,
Dig thru your CDs/cassettes/8-tracks looking for Best of the James Gang featuring Joe Walsh,
Make a right turn from the far left lane,
Make a left turn from the far right lane,
Back up while on an interstate highway,
Hold a conversation with the driver/passenger of the car next to you while driving 75 mph

while driving.

(Yes, I've seen all of the above on the road, including the home plate thing)

Silicone Alley said...

2:39.. Do you follow me around as I drive?

Anonymous said...

On my way to Dallas one morning I passed a woman putting eyeliner on while driving her BMW about 80 mph with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. as I looked over at her her she reached down and picked up a Coors light and took a drink.

Anonymous said...

Cute one,SV.

Anonymous said...

Just another finger pointed at us truck drivers! You have no real idea why this driver was moving over. however you chose to make snid remarks. Til you drive one and are experienced in driving one. One would think you could find a stiry to print you know a little more about. If not for the Big trucks on Wise County roadways Where do you think this county would be?

Anonymous said...

1000% SAFER, and not considered one of the most dangerous couties in North Texas to drive in, probably.

Jarhead said...

From the look of it, he typed that post while he was driving.