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Absolute Gold

Heard about this today on The Ticket. If you have ever heard Van Halen's Runnin' With The Devil, you absolutely have to hear this [mp3 file] - it is David Lee Roth's isolated vocals from the original recording with no music.

Trust me, listen to all (or at least a little) of the original here before you click on the above mp3.

The end is insane. It'd make a great ringtone.


Jarhead said...

It sounds like the inside of a padded room in a lunatic asylum.


snively whiplash said...

What kind of FLAMING QUEER is that guy? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Snively, you and I had the same thought pattern; all that little sound snippet and video recap did for me was confirm that David Le Roth is a homosexual.

eleanor roosevelt said...

Taking things out of context (i.e. sans music) sure changes the meaning. Much like the way the liberals go about criticizing the president these days, and much like the cons do to the dems when they're on the outside. Will a majority of us ever become reasonable, or is pointless division our destiny?

Anonymous said...

Hey, the fag-hater from the recent heath ledger posts here----

Wow you may be right about DLR too.(Is it an invasion? Am I the last man who aint suckin ^*@#s?) But DAMN. that boy can sing, you know.

One word- Freddie Mercury- Go figure

Anonymous said...

He never even sings the chorus!! How can that be if he is the "lead singer"?

I want to hear Ted sing it!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Stipes from REM
Rob Holford from Judas Priest
Pete Townshend from The Who

All gay.

Anonymous said...

Nah,not Pete,really?

gern blansten said...

OK, all you DLR haters:
first of all, that wasn't all of the lead vocal track, it was an "over-dub" to add more fullness. That's why you can't hear him singing the lead the entire song (he had already done that. In fact, they probably used about 5-6 tracks for vocals, including Michael Anthony and Eddie VH).
2. If you people had any type of pitch ability, you could tell he nailed EVERYTHING HE SANG! That's why they didn't stop rolling tape, because he only had to do that ONE TAKE!
Now whether DLR is gay or not, I doubt it. But even if he is, he is STILL a great singer, just like (above-mentioned) Freddie Mercury, Rob HALford, et. al.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people can sing on pitch, 10:41...that doesn't mean he sounds good. He doesn't. But, lucky for him, he had a great band to disguise and make up for his short comings.