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Ellis County Commissioners More Godly . . .

. . . than Wise County Commissioners. Why? Because even though Ellis County has nothing to do do with abortion law or policy, they have declared this week "Sanctity of Human Life Week." The proclamation states, in part, that the "Ellis County Commissioners Court is committed to protecting society's most vulnerable members – those born and unborn." (A note of confusion if I may: Those "born" are also society's most vulnerable? Even those Ultimate Fighting guys who, the best I can tell, were "born"?)

Commissioner Bill Dodson, who apparently thinks he is a Fundamentalist Baptist King James Only Minister instead of an elected official of a podunk county, said he is a strong supporter of the resolution.

"I won't say it's against [Roe vs.] Wade, but it's definitely trying to prevent any conception out of marriage," he said. (Uh, another note of confusion: He's wants the proclamation to prevent any conception outside of marriage? What about the conception that leads to a pretty white 8 lb. 6 oz. baby that is adopted by God fearing parents? He wants to deprive them of that? So let it be written, so let it be done?)

Anyway, Wise County Commissioners, you gonna be upstaged like that? Do you not care about the sanctity of the unborn (and, oh yeah, the born)? You gonna make us look like were a community that tolerates Wiccans? Oh, wait.