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I Knew Something Was Up

I always liked this place (The Metro Cinema in Colleyville) but it is an absolute beating to get to - it's on Highway 26 in between North Richland Hills and Grapevine.

Anyway, I was there in December and something seemed very strange. First, the apathetic ticket taker informed me that "No Country For Old Men" was not showing at 7:00 p.m. despite what the theater's own website said earlier in the day. "Oh, that site changes all the time," she told me. Thanks, girl. You might want to look for a job other than in customer service.

And then, oddly, in the bar/restaurant area, there were two huge blank spaces where flat screens TVs used to be.

But I got a shocking update tonight on Fox 4 News. The place has shut down. The power has been shut off. Employee checks are bouncing. And on Thursday the Texas Comptroller's office came in and confiscated some computers for unpaid taxes.

But the theater continued to sell tickets over the weekend despite the place being locked up tighter than a drum.