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Vinnie Johnson Is Smiling Somewhere

And who would have thought that a player-murder-by-player, a coach cover-up and subsequent firing, NCAA sanctions, and the near destruction of the team would lead to a national ranking?

Of course, it will all come crashing down with games against A&M, Texas, and Kansas in the next couple of weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to be at BU the same time Vinnie was there. It is too bad he had to play in the dump that is the Heart of Texas Coliseum in Waco. The place had a concrete floor not to mention it was miles away from the actual campus.

The court was made of a large mat made of rubberized material that would be rolled out over the concrete. The place was built more for a rodeo than a b-ball game.

This was also back in the time of the SWC days, which included Arkansas. Arkansas had "the triplets" of Moncrief, Brewer and Delph with Steve Hastings at center. They pretty much dominated the SWC in b-ball in those days.

Vinnie was amazing though. He could grab a rebound under the basket, jump straight up and do a two-handed dunk over much taller players. He was only about 6'1" or so.

The 2-years he was at Baylor, I never once saw him on campus.

SWC days...the pay was good and the grades didn't matter....good times...

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