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College Football Starts This Saturday

Well, actually LSU and Ole Miss (I think) are playing on Thursday. But I'll wait until Saturday to officially celebrate the Third Holiest Day of the Year. (I'm respecting Easter and Christmas although Christmas has the edge in the #1 position because there is always some football game being played that day.)

But I'm struggling. Baylor is playing at TCU. In the past, I would always go to something like that. But Baylor is a 21 point underdog which, by the way, is freakin' unbelievable. How have those pseudo-Christians become a constant Top 20 team while the God-Fearing-Baptists always face a third and 20? But I digress. It'll be hot, there will be traffic, and I really don't want the hassle of being hit on by TCU coeds. But I'll probably break down and go and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to witness a Miracle On The Trinity. Or I'll leave at halftime with Barry Tears rolling down my Barry Cheeks.