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Deal Or No Deal

I hate this show. What should be done in 15 minutes takes an hour. But I stumbled across the last 10 minutes of it tonight which, I admit, was interesting.

A guy (I think he was the "subway hero") was down to three cases. The amounts remaining were $25, $10,000 and $1,000,000.

He could walk away with a guaranteed pay day of $305,000. He refused. I actually yelled, "Idiot!" at the screen.

The next case he chose to be eliminated was ..................... $1,000,000.

With two cases left ($25 and $10,000) he was offered $5,000 to walk away. He refused. Idiot.

So what does he end up with? $25. (Although Chrysler gave him a crappy car as a consolation prize.)


Condoleesa said...

The show sucks but you can't walk away once it is on. You can't help but feel you are smarter than who ever is on and that you would have gotten the big money.

I think thing on Comedy Channel about "Are you smarter than a wetback?" is hilarious

wordkyle said...

It's a game show where they've removed the game. There's no skill involved, only greed. (Not that greed is automatically bad, but I don't find it very entertaining as the entire premise for a show.)

Anonymous said...

you are right ,barry. it drives me crazy. it drags on and on. i never watch anything but the last 10 minutes. and only then rarely.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have said "Cadillac Escalade with gold rims and all the collard greens you can eat for life" or No Deal!