OK, One More Reminiscing Thought

In going through my junior high & high school "stuff", I came across well over a hundred letters from, primarily, girlfriends. They were absolutely fascinating. Most of them said "nothing" (along the lines of "I'm sitting here in second period thinking about you") but many were very passionate and so heartfelt. Most were in response to letters I had written. I even had one from a girl in eighth grade who had written that she had come to the realization that she loved me. If you read it, you would believe her.

Those were the days where email didn't exist, and if you wanted to send a message you had to take out a piece of paper and hand write it out. That, my friends, is one sad casualty of the Internet age.

I even found a letter I wrote to girl while in college that was four pages long but that I backed off and never sent. It was written with so much emotion and angst. It was almost like reading the words of someone I don't know anymore.