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OK, One More Reminiscing Thought

In going through my junior high & high school "stuff", I came across well over a hundred letters from, primarily, girlfriends. They were absolutely fascinating. Most of them said "nothing" (along the lines of "I'm sitting here in second period thinking about you") but many were very passionate and so heartfelt. Most were in response to letters I had written. I even had one from a girl in eighth grade who had written that she had come to the realization that she loved me. If you read it, you would believe her.

Those were the days where email didn't exist, and if you wanted to send a message you had to take out a piece of paper and hand write it out. That, my friends, is one sad casualty of the Internet age.

I even found a letter I wrote to girl while in college that was four pages long but that I backed off and never sent. It was written with so much emotion and angst. It was almost like reading the words of someone I don't know anymore.


Anonymous said...

I think the first couple of times you fall in love, it is with such abandon and then when you get your heart broken, its like you can't love like that ever again...your heart won't let that happen. I hate to say it, but it's like you become a bit jaded and simply cannot love without restraint anymore.

mzchief said...

To Barry...
That person is STILL within you. You just need to remember them. There is a VERY good reason the adage, "Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and love like you have never been hurt." makes soooo much sense. Living EVERY moment to the fullest by making EACH moment the BEST it can be is WHAT makes for a FULFILLING life.

I print EVERY love letter I am sent and send and keep them in a leather binder. I have also kept a handwritten diary/journal for the past 20 years. Some days there is much to write and others, not so much. It is COMFORTING to go back and read some of the entries. One thing I have learned for CERTAIN is, so long as EVERYONE I love is alive and has a reasonable hope of waking in the morning then NOTHING else REALLY matters so much that I should EVER allow any ISSUE to disturb MY happiness.

I hope you have kept ALL of the bits and pieces and you think of them as memories rather than "junk from my childhood."

Anonymous said...

my favorite love letter

I Love you . Do you Love me
circle Yes or No
and send back

Anonymous said...

I have seen Barry
"Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and love like you have never been hurt."
after a few cold ones at Rodeo Exchange!
Good Times

Anonymous said...

Oh Barry, we aren't handwriting much anymore, but unless the government bands the "send" button on these things, we'll still be writing and doing more of it.


Anonymous said...

3:35 AM
The only thing wrong with that is that your mom or dad can't bring all of your love notes to you in a box. You can't sit in the middle of the floor and hold them reminiscing about the way it was.

Anonymous said...

How many of you got the "mystery" love letter?

I received 2 in the mail back during my high school days and never found out who had sent them.

Anonymous said...

Barry,are you feeling like an old 8 track tape with no slot to slip into or maybe a Bumble Bee who wishes he could pollenate every beautiful flower but realizes the sunlight of his life is quickly fading?

Well it's the digital age baby, so dust the pollen off your pants and get out there and penetrate the world digitally!

God said...

What a fag! ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Is mschief single? If she still send and receives love letters I want to send a long letter.