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I Swear On A Stack of Bibles . . .

. . . that I have never seen anyone in a Wise County courtroom (or any courtroom for that matter) have to swear on a Bible before they testify. Normally the judge just asks them, "Do you swear or affirm that the testimony that you are about to give . . . . "

(Fox News is all bent out of shape about the Koran story.)


Anonymous said...

Well, thinking back on my pre-teen years, as I sat thru the entire Meador (sp?) trial in Cooke County, (with my dear, sweet, now long dead, grandma), I'm seeming to remember the court did pull out the bibble for the old conniving geezer to swear upon, since he claimed not to be able to read or write. He signed his name with an X, and still managed to con many people around there for lotso' bucks.

Maybe someone else reading this blog was there and remembers that too. Perhaps I've just seen it on TV, or dreamed it.


Gorilla said...

Yeah - Fox also got all bent out of shape recently when a Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, took his oath of office using the Koran. Funny thing is, the Koran that he used actually belonged to Thomas Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

Ah Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad

Anonymous said...

Why swear on anything? People LIE in the witness stand all the time. Swearing on Bibles or anything else won't stop that.

Anonymous said...

1. FOX and news shouldn't be used together.
2. Swearing or affirming on any book is useless, meaningless and unnecessary.
3. As 9:52 says, witnesses lie all the time after agreeing to tell the truth so what does it matter what book they use?