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Funny moment a second ago on WBAP. Sports guy Steve Lamb teases an upcoming segment with Tom Hicks. Hicks owns a soccer team in Liverpool which apparently is playing in the equivalent of the Super Bowl today in Greece. Lamb even points out that there will be a "Watching Party" of the game at the AAC beginning at 11:00 a.m. today.

So Hicks comes on the radio about 10 minutes later and past-his-prime DJ Hal Jay introduces him and says, "Tom Hicks live from Greece . . . So how did your team do?"

Insert incredibly awkward pause here. Then Hicks points out, "Uh, the game's tonight."

I think Hal Jay was so embarrassed that he couldn't even do his wheeze laugh.

Edit: I wasn't there, but people actually showed up to that watching party. And, by the way, I bet the Victory Plaza (or whatever) is cool.

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Anonymous said...

Barry, I'm not sure which is worse...self-important, condescending, past-his-prime (assuming there was a prime) Hal Jay...or the fact that you still listen to WBAP.