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The Day The Local News Died

If you didn't see it, I can't do it justice. The finals of American Idol were tonight which I have absolutely no interest in. But many of you do, and apparently Fox 4 News believes that 99% of its viewership cares about nothing else.

I always TIVO Fox 4's 9:00 o'clock news and watch it about an hour later. Dear lord, was it a disaster. Not only did they dedicate the first half hour whole hour (!) to this AI crap, but it was a technological meltdown of biblical proportions. Audio out, video feeds of stuff even the anchors couldn't explain, and the absolute train wreck that is Maria Sotolongo (who was placed in an incredibly difficult position of doing impromptu reporting that even a 20 year old veteran would have trouble doing - and she's a freaking weather girl thrown into reporting live from AI.)

I have never felt sadder for anchor Steve Eager who, at the 9:18 mark, was left hanging. "Alright, where are we going now?" he begged a producer. "Help me out . . . [silence]. We just wrapped up Celena [the last segment] . . . [insert fist mildly hitting desk with a look of absolute disgust in his eyes.]"

It was TV gold.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who does not consider American Idol to be news. Thank God it's over for the season!

Anonymous said...

The bastards didn't even finish the "finale" in the 2 hours! We TIVOd it, and had to watch it later, and discovered--as our TIVO came to an end--that the show was still going on (so we didn't get it all)! My wife then hurriedly changed over to live TV, and at least caught the result during that crappy "news" segment. Did the show go over by 1 or 2 stinking minutes? That is the absolutely CRAPPIEST thing the networks have inflicted on us lately in a lot of shows!! If you are going to make a show go over its time slot, you should have this fact available to the on-screen tv guides, so when you program your recording according to the guides, you can get the ENTIRE show!! HOW DISGUSTING!!

Anonymous said...

What's sad is I heard 15 seconds on the radio this morning and found out everything I needed to know from the 2 hour crap-a-thon from last night.

Anonymous said...

What is American Idle?