Pete Delkus Has Nothing On Me

--Edit @ 12:48 p.m.: Hey, Jacksboro. Duck! --Edit @ 1:31 p.m.: Hey, Bridgeport. I predict rain. Hard. Now. --Edit @ 2:09 p.m.: In Decatur, it's as dark as a prosecutor's soul. --Edit @ 2:20 p.m.: NWS issues a "severe thunderstorm warning" for Erath County as heard on WBAP. No mention of Wise County. NWS is apparently on crack. --Edit @ 2:27 p.m.: Lord is striking Decatur with "great vengeance and furious anger" --Edit @ 2:53 p.m.: Confirmed that it's raining on the just and the unjust --Edit @ 4:01 p.m.: Tapering off. Emergency over. Take us to DEFCON 5.