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I'm Hearing Things

I never listen to Paul Harvey (who has made a living off of reading the AP wire when now all of us have access to the AP wire). But I did a double take today when I stumbled across him during a commercial break on The Ticket.

After describing a guy at a nudist colony who was getting groceries out of his car and who decided to close the car door with his nude body, Harvey said, "A crowd gathered around the screams of pain. That's right, he had slammed the door on his . . . [insert pause] . . . tallywacker! . . . . [insert pause] . . . . Good Day!"

A question mark formed over my head as I slowly looked toward the radio dial. Yep, he said, "tallywacker."


Anonymous said...

its no longer a tally whacker it is now called a slim jim

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that wasn't a repeat? I thought Paul Harvey died several years ago...maybe about the same year that the Cowboys won a playoff game or the Rangers were relevant in August?

P.S. Speak for yourself 1:21. I have a very thick jim.